Sanya ABG| Yaya welcomes 248 medical staff home

By Ding Xin / / Updated: 2020-03-23,11:06

On the afternoon of March 20, at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport, Hainan's first and fourth batches of medical teams including 248 medical staff went for medical support in Jingzhou, Hubei came back to Hainan safely. Deputy governor of Hainan Province Wang Lu, deputy secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party Committee and mayor A Dong, and deputy mayor of Sanya He Shigang waited to welcome the medical team at the airport.

The mascot of the sixth Asian Beach Games in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the ABG ) "Yaya" also joined the welcome team. With the cabin door open, Hainan medical staff who went for medical support in Hubei stepped down the ramp in turn. The mascot Yaya waved warmly to the medical staff. It uses a lively and adorable smiley face to show the spirit of ABG and pays tribute to the medical team who fight the epidemic.

Many medical staff were touched by the adorable Yaya. "Seeing the lovely Yaya, we can strongly feel the enthusiasm and warmth of the people in our hometown," some medical staff said emotionally.

On the landing field of the Sanya Airport, the staff held the red flag and l and the banner with the words "Warmly Welcome Hainan Medical Team Home", expressing their respect and thanks to the medical heroes.

After the ceremony, the medical staff took an orderly bus to the designated hotel for rest. The police officers guided the heroes with the highest etiquette, and the staff along the way pulled up a banner to line up to pay tribute to medical staff.



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