Songtao Reservoir like you’ve never seen it before

By Cai Rong / HIMC / Updated: 09:33,17-July-2022

Seen from afar, the ancient trees reach up towards the sky from the winding slopes of the mountains, creating incredible scenic views. Looking more closely, a great, sparkling lake, waters rippling in the fresh breeze, fills the horizon. This is Songtao Reservoir, located in southern China’s Hainan Province.

Located on the upper reaches of the Nandu River, Songtao Reservoir spans Danzhou City and Baisha Li Autonomous County. Here, you can see one of the biggest earth dam engineering works in China, measuring 81.1 meters high and 760 meters long. With more than 300 islands dotted here and there across the Songtao Reservoir's 144 square kilometers, there are picturesque views from every vantage point. 

Let’s enjoy these views of Songtao Reservoir together!

Isn’t Songtao Reservoir amazing?

Songtao Reservoir is a source of area drinking water,

so please remember to protect the environment and our shared water source.




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