COMING THROUGH | HARVESTING: Leave-ing Poverty Behind With Tea

By / HICN / Updated: 18:29,26-June-2022

Addressing issues relating to agriculture, rural areas and farmers is a prerequisite and basis for the construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. Hainan continues to deepen rural reforms and actively build beautiful villages with prosperous industries, good governance and a pleasant living, civilized environment where people can live well. In doing so, Hainan is effectively linking up rural revitalization with consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation, striving to gradually narrow the gap between urban and rural areas within the current 14th Five-Year Plan and ensuring that rural residents share in the fruits of the Hainan FTP construction.

In ‘HARVESTING’, the third installment of Coming Through, we hear Zhong Feiqiu talk about her rural rags to riches transformation.

Hidden away in the densely forested mountain heartlands of Hainan is Shuiman Town, where the slopes are an excellent place for tea cultivation. Zhong Feiqiu hails from Shuiman Town, in Hainan’s Wuzhishan region. In 2014, her family was officially declared poverty-stricken.

Since a young age, when she would help out her parents with tea processing, the idea to build Shuiman’s tea brand gradually came to her.

In 2016, while engaging in ‘beautiful countryside’ construction, the local government began offering financial assistance and moral support to poverty-stricken residents, of which Zhong Feiqiu was a beneficiary. Since then, she has thrown herself into tea production, using government support to improve her craft and open up her own tea production workshop in 2020. She is now able to make an annual income of RMB 80 thousand from her tea production.

Beginning this year, Zhong Feiqiu has begun buying up tea leaves from individual growers within her village - she has acquired over three hectares worth so far - with the aim of achieving common prosperity for all involved. She tells us that ‘Xiang Lan Mi’, the name of her workshop, means ‘really love you’ in the Miao language. Within each bag of tea leaves she has processed with her own hands is sealed her love and passion, which she hopes to share with people all over China as they sample the tea from her home town.



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