Intangible Hainan: Li Brocade - A Living Relic of Textiles

By Wu Ruolin / HIMC / Updated: 17:21,15-June-2022

Editor’s note:

Intangible Cultural Heritage carries the cultural memories of the people, encapsulating their history and the paths that they have taken. Each type of intangible cultural heritage creates a unique method for local culture to be transmitted both outwardly as well as down through time. June 11 is China’s Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. In order to better protect, pass on, and make good use of Hainan’s intangible cultural heritage, as well as promote China’s outstanding traditional culture and assist in the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port’s cultural industry, the Hainan International Media Center and the Hainan International Communication Network have put together a special series called Intangible Hainan. The series brings the audience a deeper understanding of Hainan’s Intangible Cultural Heritage through the eyes of Russian Overseas Communication Officer Inira Baiburina. Join her as she experiences the unique charm of Hainan’s intangible cultural heritage. 

The traditional arts of spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidering have been passed down by the Li people for three millennia. These Li textile techniques are collectively considered an illustrious living relic of China's textiles history. Known for its vivid patterns, intricate stitching and variety of formats, Li Brocade is a material embodiment of the wisdom, history and culture of the Li people. It is said that no two pieces of Li Brocade are exactly the same. Through the hands of its artisans, the Li weave their history and culture stitch by stitch throughout each exquisite masterpiece. Since it became a national intangible cultural heritage project in 2006, Li Brocade has garnered increasing attention from all corners. It has appeared on the catwalk and within the creative industries in new and exciting ways. As Li textile techniques passes from one generation to the next, new innovations are appearing that show off its limitless potential as an art form and a new poster child for Hainan. 



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