At the forefront of Int'l Comms: Souped-up HIMC unveiled

By / HICN / Updated: 09:37,20-May-2022

Provincial Goverment and Party Officials launch a freshly reminted HIMC alongside leaders from HDPG and Hainan Broadcasting Station

As the logo of HIMC slowly rose through the mist, the reminted Hainan International Media Center set sail, the program FTP+ was given a bump up, and a key step was taken in the integration of international communication services between of Hainan Daily Press Group (HDPG) and Hainan Broadcasting Station(Group).

At 4 pm on May 19, the Hainan International Media Center (HIMC) and FTP+ Relaunch Ceremony was held at Hainan Broadcasting Station’s Haikou HQ. 

Hainan Daily Press Group (HDPG) and Hainan Broadcasting Station (Group) once again joins hands, combining international communication resources of the two media groups and focusing on international communications for the Hainan Free Trade Port. This partnership will see both groups’ respective editorial and reporting teams merging into a brand-new, unified HIMC, as well as undertaking joint production of FTP+ moving forward.

At the ceremony, representatives from HDPG and Hainan Broadcasting Station, including Deputy Secretary of the HDPG CPC Committee and HDPG Editor-in-Chief Wu Bin and Deputy Secretary of Hainan Broadcasting Station CPC Leading Group Wen Long, jointly launched the new Hainan International Communication Center alongside provincial-level government and party officials.

Han Chaoguang, Deputy Editor of HDPG, delivers his keynote speech

In his keynote speech, Han Chaoguang, Deputy Editor of HDPG, said, “the new journey that HIMC is embarking on with its new lineup marks the start of a new provincial venture in cross-media integration, cross-platform integration and the strengthening and improving the international communication capacity. Strengthening and improving international communication capacity is an important mission for Hainan mainstream media, and I hope HIMC can shoulder the brunt of these five missions on behalf of Hainan, which include writing China’s story, telling China’s story, utilizing China’s communication channels, building China’s communication platform, and cooperating with international friends who want to tell China’s story. HIMC will devote itself to Hainan’s international communication, with its elevated position, giving it broader vision and greater scope. Through the stories of the Hainan FTP, HIMC will tell the stories of Hainan and China, and through its efforts, contribute to the acceleration of Hainan FTP construction.

The new Hainan International Media Center - established through the merging and reorganization of HDPG’s Hainan International Media Center and Hainan Broadcasting Station’s International Communication Media Center International Communication Department – has a new mission of improving the international communication system and further telling Hainan's story and spreading Hainan's voice. The new HIMC team will largely produce online content, drawing on the collective power of both media groups and pooling international communication resources from across Hainan to bring audiences at home and abroad international-standard content from Hainan with a Chinese twist.

At the ceremony, HIMC's key program FTP+ was officially revamped and relaunched. The upgraded FTP+ is presented by a new bilingual team of hosts, repositioning itself as a multilingual international communications program. The new team will be dedicated to building a high-end program with national standing, international vision, and overseas influence, focusing on influential and important people from home and abroad, to tell the story of China's opening up to the world through the eyes of the program’s guest.

Chen Shuhuan, CEO of HIMC and Kong Dae-in, CEO of KCTV Jeju sign the  "One City, One Media" International Sister Province Media Cooperation Agreement

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, and also the 27th anniversary of the twinning of the island provinces of Hainan and Jeju. To promote exchanges and cooperation between these two sister provinces, the Hainan International Media Center (HIMC), and KCTV Jeju Broadcasting Company, signed the "One City, One Media" International Sister Province Media Cooperation Agreement. This marks the official start of the Sister Province international communication project, telling the story of the Hainan Free Trade Port with the help of her international Sister City.

The signing ceremony was held via video link, with Chen Shuhuan, CEO of the Hainan International Media Center (HIMC) signing on behalf of HIMC during the offline ceremony and Kong Dae-in, CEO of KCTV Jeju Broadcasting Company, signing on behalf of KCTV at their offices in Jeju.

According to the agreement, the partners will strengthen four aspects of exchange and cooperation, including media content exchange, mutual promotion of programming, media channel sharing & in-depth multimodal media interaction, and sharing information with the people of China and South Korea about Jeju and Hainan’s respective tourism and economic development. Among the agreement’s many objectives, it aims to promote friendship between the people of the two countries, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the culture of both places, the sharing of tourism resources, economic and trade exchanges, so as to provide a connecting bridge through media and promote the deepening of friendship and spiritual connection between two countries and two places.

International Discussion panel in progress: Wang Ling (Deputy Editor of Hainan Broadcasting Station), Tommy (HIMC Overseas Communication Officer) and Wang Qing (Associate Professor of Hainan Normal University's School of Journalism, Communication, Film and Television) exchange their views on the topic "Energizing Hainan FTP Construction through International Communications"

International Discussion panel in progress: Li Bin (Vice President of Hainan Normal University's School of Journalism, Communication, Film and Television), Zhu Jie (Associate Professor of Hainan University's School of Humanities Communication Department) and Ye Wei (Vice Director of Hainan Broadcasting Station subsidiary SSTV) exchange their views on the topic 'Practitioners: How to Tell Good Stories of Hainan FTP and Make Them Heard'

International discussion panel in progress: Marian and David, both Overseas Communication Officers for HIMC, exchange their views on the topic 'How HIMC's Overseas Communication Officers See Hainan FTP'

International discussion panel in progress: Chen Xiaodan (HIMC Deputy Chief Content Officer), Yang Shidou (HIMC Reporter) and Zhou Chenguang (HIMC Writer, Director and Journalist) exchange their views of the topic 'Hainan Youth Power @ Global Communications'

In addition to the ceremonials, the event also play host to international panel discussions centered around the following topics: “Energizing Hainan FTP Construction through International Communications”, “Widening Hainan’s Reach Through International Communications”, “How our Overseas Communications Officers See the Hainan FTP” and “Hainan Youth Power@Global Communication”. In the discussions, people from all walks of life, including scholars, media veterans, HIMC’s overseas communications officers, young people who have studied abroad and industry leaders will share their thoughts and experience, promoting exchange and cooperation in Hainan’s international communications and working together to build Hainan FTP’s international communication discourse. 

The audience listens attentively as panel members engage in discussion.

Members of the audience taking in the atmosphere

Refreshments just waiting to be consumed by participants at the ceremony



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