Chrysanthemums & water lilies bloom in Sanya’s Yazhou

By Ding Xin / / Updated: 16:51,13-May-2022

By May, more than 60 varieties of chrysanthemums were planted in Batou Village, Yazhou District, Sanya, China’s Hainan Province by the chrysanthemum team of the Sanya Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU).

In 2021, along with the establishment of the Sanya Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University, the chrysanthemum team has been working to cultivate over 60 chrysanthemum varieties in Batou Village, Yazhou District. There are two main types. One is the ground cover chrysanthemum widely used in garden landscapes, including 35 independently cultivated varieties such as the Jinling, Zhongshan, Lingyan, Lingxi, and Lingfeng series.

The other type is the fresh chrysanthemum cuttings used in commercial production. The NAU team has long been committed to scientific research work such as creating and cultivating new chrysanthemum varieties. They have built the world's largest chrysanthemum resource center, collecting and preserving about 5,000 chrysanthemum varieties, the largest collection in the world. 

During the summertime, at the water lily cultivation area of the Sanya Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University, 176 kinds of water lilies are carefully cultivated by a team of 31 teachers and students. The water lilies bloom in groups, one after the other. 

In the around 10,000-square-meter cultivation area, research and development of water lily products, preservation of fresh-cut water lilies, and new water lily hybrid creation are being carried out. The base will introduce a total of 300 varieties of water lilies in the future, including five new sub-genuses of tropical water lilies and five sub-genuses of Australian water lilies.

Here in the tropical climate of Hainan, the team is hard at work developing tropical water lily flower products and water lily teas, as well as storage and preservation technology for fresh-cut tropical water lily flowers, pushing forward the rural revitalization of Hainan. 



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