Hainan's many bridges to tomorrow

By Nicki Johnson / HICN / Updated: 17:19,11-May-2022

Bridges vault over the waters, connecting shores, opening up new routes, allowing exploration, and binding opposite shores together, while allowing vast rivers to flow ever on, unimpeded. Their graceful forms draw the eye, while their strength bears great loads, seemingly without effort.

What is Hainan if not a land running with waters, covered in mountains, and bound together by bridges both large and small? Hainan’s ingenuity rises from her many waters, and her poetic soul comes from the beauty of her many bridges. These bridges are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also quite literally open new paths, ushering the future into Hainan.

So, where are these elegant bridges, these incredible feats of Hainan engineering? Let’s take a look!

The Zhubi River Bridge - Zhubi River, Baisha

Yingbin Bay Bridge - Yingbin Peninsula Bay, Chengmai

Beili Bridge - Beili River, Dongfang

Nandu River Bridge - Nandu River, Haikou

Qiongzhou Bridge, Nandu River, Haikou

Chaolie Bridge - Wanquan River, Qionghai

Wanquan Bridge - Wanquan River, Qionghai

Chaojian Bridge - Linchun River, Sanya

Linchun Bridge - Linchun River, Sanya

G98 Ningyun River Bridge - Ningyun River, Sanya

Yaliang Bridge - Ningyun River, Sanya

Yuechuan Bridge - Sanya River, Sanya

Wanyang (Wanning-Yangpu) Expressway Ershijiu Bridge - Wanquan River, Wanning

Photo credit: “海蔡影像”



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