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By Sun Chengnuo / / Updated: 17:55,17-May-2022

Ding’an is located in northeast-central Hainan island, 34 kilometers away from downtown Haikou, the provincial capital, and is known as ‘Haikou’s back yard’. Ding’an is popular for its tropical cold springs, is a green agriculture demonstration county, the birthplace of South-Zen Chinese Taoism, a famous historical and cultural city, has its own local folk culture and art, is the birthplace of Hainan’s Qiong Opera, offers original ecological cuisine, and, in addition, is a selenium-rich natural oxygen bar. The percentage of the population that lives to be over 100 years of age is higher than the national average, so here in Ding’an, the residents are not only happy, they also live long and prosper.

1.Harmony with nature and the beauty of the earth

Ding’an has a quiet, poetic beauty, accentuated by lush, green, tropical vegetation - the forest coverage rate here is 58.2%! Asia's only tropical cold springs, the Nanli Lake National Wetland Park, Asia's largest bird theme park (Hainan Tropical Bird World), and the area’s rustic villages and deep green fields create a tranquil, gentle beauty.

Nanli Lake

Nanli Lake resembles a sweetly dreaming water-town. There are many differently-shaped islands in the lake, such as one shaped like a crescent moon, one like an eyebrow, and one like a shell, each distinct from the rest. This is one of the most ideal vacation destinations in Hainan.

Ding'an Cold Springs

Jiuwentang Volcanic Cold Springs is located not far from Jiuwen Village, Longmen town, Ding’an County. It is the third-largest cold springs in China and the only tropical cold springs in the country. The spring water gurgles forth, and small fish swim around in groups looking for toes to gently nibble. The surrounding landscape is fresh and green. Sit in the shade of the banyan tree, soaking your feet in the clear spring water, and the small "doctor fish" will come to gently massage the soles of your feet, giving you an all-natural pedicure. How refreshing and invigorating, but also slightly ticklish! 

Herb Garden

Fragrant World - Herb Garden is located in Longhu Town, Ding'an County, and boasts a total of 23 hectares of fragrant herbs and flowers. There are more than 590 species of aromatic plants here, creating a professional, authoritative aromatic seed bank. Pick your favorite fresh herbs and flowers, and learn how to use them to make perfumes, soaps, and mouthwatering cuisine!

Hainan Tropical Bird World

Hainan Tropical Bird World is the largest bird theme park in China. The ecological space is beautified by nearly 1,000 different species of plants and the park has over 30,000 tropical birds from more than 300 species, including most of the birds of Hainan. A huge number of free-flying birds wheel overhead, perch on branches and sing, and soar through the blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds. They are, as we like to say, free as a bird. 

2.Dreaming of that perfect countryside lifestyle

The rice paddies are rippling with golden waves of grain, the orchards on the hills are dripping with tropical fruit, the blue waters of the ponds teem with life, and the small rivers bubble and burble along their merry way... this is the Ding’an countryside. The villages here are simple and quiet, and each one has its own unique character. Here, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into an ancient Chinese landscape painting, complete with quacking ducks and fishermen!

3.Unlock the secrets of the ancient city and travel back through time

Ding'an is one of the few places in Hainan where the ancient architectural features remain untouched. It not only boasts Hainan’s only existing county-level city wall, but also many cultural relics and historical sites such as the Jianlong Tower, Taishifang, the Octagonal Hall, the former residence of Zhang Yuesong, and many other fascinating ancient buildings that tell the stories of days gone by.

4.Follow the traces of history and immerse yourself in the local culture

There are green mountains in Ding'an, including the number one mountain of China’s South-Zen Taoism - Wenbi Peak. On this mountain, forests of green bamboo, pines, and cypresses grow evergreen, and you are welcome to explore the temples and listen to the ringing of the bells. The mystical aura of Wenbi Peak has brought many scholars and writers over long distances to climb up and meditate and pray in the peace and serene beauty of the mountaintop.

5.Farm-fresh, healthy food

Ding'an's original ecological cuisine is both tasty and terrific for you. Here, there is nearly 600 square kilometers of selenium-rich land with an excellent environment. Specialties such as Ding'an goose, Ding'an black pork, and Xiangou beef are beloved both in Hainan and across China. Ding'an black pork zongzi (traditional rice dumplings), black pork bone soup, Hanlin braised pork trotters, farmhouse red bean stew, Ding'an duck rice, Ding'an vegetable rice, and other local specialties are all well worth a try. Enjoying a fresh-cooked meal of local, flavorful Ding’an specialties is the perfect way to round out your trip to this quietly beautiful part of Hainan. 




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