Splish Splash: Sanya's Best Swim Spots

By Marian Rosenberg / hicn.cn / Updated: 16:42,28-May-2022

Summer holidays in Sanya aren't complete without a visit to these famous swim spots. A cool place, a cool pool, and a cool drink make for a cool summer in Sanya. Splish splash and return to the carefree feelings of childhood. From high-end luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts, homestays, and hostels, Sanya has it all. Today, we are going to give you an introduction to the best swimming pools to visit during your trip to Sanya.

01 Sanya Conifer Hotel

Located in the scenic Sanya Bay Tourist Resort, Conifer Hotel's 1200m² rooftop infinity pool provides a panoramic view of Sanya Bay's beautiful coastline from 70m above ground. Offering 390 top-tier luxury ocean view rooms, this is a good spot for starting your island holiday experience.

02 The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay

Occupying the far end of Yalong Bay's unique environment, a visit to this century-old American luxury brand is a not to be missed part of any trip to Sanya.

Centrally located among the resort's green lawns and coconut groves, the 1200m² pool is kept at a constant 28° Celsius.

03 Sanya Harman Resort Hotel

Located in Sanya's Dadonghai, Harman Resort has stunning sea views while still being close to the city proper. The spectacular sunrise and sunset are not to be missed.

The resort's infinity pool has great unobstructed views of Dadonghai.

04 Sanya Haitang Bay No. 9 Resort Hotel

With charming sea views of Haitang Bay, a splendid private beach, and beautiful views of the hotel gardens their infinity pool is a top photo spot and place to “check-in” for people who want to post their holiday all over their social media.

05 Haitang Bay Sofitel

This French luxury brand is known for its meticulous care in everything they do.

The ocean view swimming pool gives visitors an unforgettably beautiful experience. While here, it's impossible to be unhappy. With a focus on providing experiences for guests of all ages, the tourism facilities here include helicopter sightseeing, horseback riding, a spa, an indoor archery range, children's playground, and a tennis court. This is a true holiday unlike any other.

06 The Shanhaitian Resort Sanya, Autograph Collection

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, this site—with its 180° balconies, views of Dadonghai Beach, and the rocky shoreline—near the lush green slopes of Luhuitou Mountain is the perfect spot.

The best thing about their infinity pool is the afternoon tea set which you can drink in the pool. Eat, drink and be merry as you look out upon the endless horizon, and beautiful seascape. The clear pool water seems to merge with the sea in the distance, and it is as if you have set your mind and body free.

Each of their four completely different style swimming pools has a view of Dadonghai and no matter what you like you are sure to find something you like.

07 The Westin Sanya Haitang Bay Resort

These lush tropical gardens feature Sanya's largest and longest swimming pool. The ocean view 270° rooftop infinity pool is a great place for afternoon tea! When the weather is good, the framing of blue sky and white clouds will make it look like you a going for a stroll among the clouds. If coming here to take photos, sunset is the best time.

08 1 Hotel Haitang Bay

A trendy hotel brand started by the founder of W Hotels, this spot has become a must-see location for countless influencers. Whether you are coming for a dip in one of their five outdoor pools, a visit to the cantilevered 1,100m² rooftop pool that's all the rage online, or the mermaid show, you are definitely going to have a good time.

09 The Sanya EDITION

Located in beautiful Haitang Bay, Edition boasts superb beaches and stunning ocean views far and away from the city's hustle and bustle. The quiet and relaxing environment is particularly well known for the beautiful views you get from the hotel room balconies.

Whether you are traveling with friends or family, make sure not to miss the rooftop open-air infinity pool.

10 Earthly Paradise Bird's Nest Resort

Located within the 1,506-hectare Tropical Paradise Forest Park, the resort spans both sides of the mountain.

Of the resort's pools, the most distinctive is probably their “cliff pool”. Merging with the sky and sea, and becoming one with the forest, the view and the environment are both perfect!

11 La Fountain

Unlike Haitang's other resort hotels, La Fountain is built at the juncture of land and water. Although not adjacent to the sea, the lingering green shade of the forests is still incredibly beautiful.

Their 1800㎡ infinity swimming pool is also a favorite for the way it showcases the beauty of nature.

12 Rosewood Sanya

Located in Haitang District and overlooking the bay, all 246 of the hotel's rooms are sea view. One out of every three rooms has a private terrace swimming pool which allows guests to enjoy the South China Sea scenery unbothered by anyone else.

From the 13th-floor infinity pool, one can see Wuzhizhou Island in the distance. For those who like to take pictures, this beautiful open-air pool needs no filters or editing to produce a stunning picture.

13 Crowne Plaza Sanya Haitang Bay Resort

Approaching this hotel, one gets the impression that one is approaching a giant luxury cruise ship docked by the sea. The combination of blue seas, distant mountains, and coconut groves provide a stunning scenic backdrop. Each of their 405 rooms has a giant balcony from which guests can get an eyeful of the ocean.

Located on the 15th floor, a visitor to their infinity pool gets nothing but a 270° view of the ocean and sky! The shaded cover over the pool ensures that no matter how bright the day, there's no worry that you'll get a sunburn.

NO.2 Top Bed and Breakfasts, Homestays, and Fashionable Hostels: Bound to fulfill your every desire for a summer swimming hotspot

01 Suyue 107 Hotel

Featuring a very instagrammable décor, this mostly white hotel combines all sorts of creative elements with local customs and scenery.

One of the top recommendations on the “Little Red Book” app, the combination of white stairs and a Tiffany blue pool guarantee that you'll have the most fashionable holiday photos. If you get tired of playing in the pool, you can lounge about on the recliners and drink one of their cocktails as you while the day away.

02 ROY Meisu

Located in the area which locals refer to as “Little Santorini”, this is a must-visit spot for taking photos to post on your socials. Everything about the place is trés instagrammable.

A large circular swimming pool at the entrance, features many small props which make it convenient not only for swimming but also for taking photos. This shows how much attention to detail the boss has.

03 No Words

This white building exudes a minimalist Nordic style while somehow managing to retain some of the local styles in a way that only the best bed and breakfast type hotel can.

The most charming part of this hotel is the super large swimming pool. Famous online, it's both romantic and full of summer style.

04 Cocobay Homestay

This Bali style homestay features a very instagrammable décor. Every moment of every day spent here is a moment full of beautiful sights.

Laze the days away in a rocking chair cooled by ocean breezes. Somehow, in addition to being a “cool” spot, the temperatures here are also very cool and comfortable.

05 If Clouds B&B

Located in the popular national surfing resort of Houhai, If Clouds has great views of Wuzhizhou Island.

Suitable for adults and children alike, the public areas feature a wading pool, infinity pool, and hot springs.

This place not only has all kinds of surf clubs, it also has all kinds of bars. During the day you can sunbathe and enjoy afternoon tea. Once night falls, you can party!

06 Back to Nature B&B

This famous internet hotspot is nestled deep within a grove of coconut palms. Lying in a hammock, you close your eyes and feel the dappled play of light and shadow upon your skin, and think “is this heaven?”

A bright and beautiful swimming pool beckons you to put on your swimsuit, jump in, and wash away the troubles you brought from the city. The poolside bar is a great place to make new friends.

Obviously, there are many swimming pools that didn't get featured in this article. However, there is limited space and time for writing.

How will you escape the doldrums of summer? Will you spend them lazing about in an infinity pool or diving in the ocean?

Source: Sanya Tourism

Pictures: Official Sites of the various hotels, Sanya Tourism

Translated by: Marian Rosenberg at Hainan #1 Translation



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