See China through the "eyes" of antique coins

By Wu Ruolin,Chen Mingwen,Chen Mingfu / HICN / Updated: 22:27,03-September-2021

Money is a medium for trade, and in ancient times it was also a symbol of political power. Antique coins show the culture of the period, and each coin has its own, unique history. 

There is a coin museum inside the Haikou University of Economics, with a large collection of antique coins from different dynasties. Here, visitors can learn about China’s cultural heritage and changes in the country’s ancient society. Guan Yuehui, a member of the China Numismatic Society as well as a member of the editorial committee of the China Numismatic Dictionary, donated his entire coin collection to the Haikou University of Economics for use in the “Money Culture on Campus” program in Oct. 2020. 


Guan became obsessed with antique coins when he was a child. When he went out with his grandfather, his grandfather's friends often let him play with the antique coin strings they carried. From then on, he became more and more interested in antique coins, and the more he researched, the more enthralled he became. From using the “Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches” to compare coins, to traveling to different auction houses to buy coins when studying abroad in the UK, Guan loved it all.


As a part of traditional Chinese culture, money is really a wonderful cultural ambassador. “Many more people can see the money on display at the museum there. They can learn about China’s history, and seeing them gain a greater understanding of the people of ancient times makes me feel really happy”, said Guan. At the same time, he hopes the museum can also help spread Chinese culture from Hainan to the whole world.




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