Charlotte Magnette: Abridge for expats to invest inSanya

Charlotte Magnette, who comes from Belgium and now lives in Sanya, has recently been in the spotlight at YZBSTC.

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Zhang Haohao: Penguin Daddy

With the sound of a crack, baby African penguin Xibao was hatched from her egg with the help of a penguin breeder.

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You Wen:Seeds of agricultural science & technology bloom in Africa

You Wen was sent to assist the Republic of the Congo, where she and her team turned an empty wasteland into an orchard.

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Victoria: "Ballet" as a Method of Cultural Communication

Victoria is a Russian dance teacher. She made the choice to come to China after graduating from university.

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Xie Zhenzi: Trying to be a "guardian" of sea turtles, calls on everyone to protect sea turtles and the ocean

I really hope more people will join us, in the goal of protecting the sea turtles and protecting the ocean.

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Tim Rogers: Jiu-jitsu bonds expats and the Hainan community

"Hainan is now developing the Free Trade Port and it is trying to be very open for foreigners.

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Elena: We are working on an immersive VR horror game in Hainan

According to reports, the number of high-tech companies in Hainan province has increased fivefold since 2016.

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