What should you eat during the Expo? Explore the ‘volcanic’ culture of Xiuying

By Ding Xin / hicn.cn / Updated: 15:00,01-May-2021

The China International Consumer Products Expo (also called the Hainan Expo) will be held in Haikou’s Xiuying District. In honor of the Expo, a “Tasteful Xiuying- Island Foods”map has been launched to introduce visitors to the beautiful villages, unique history, fascinating culture, and volcanic cuisine of the district.

Dominated by typical volcanic landscapes including an extinct caldera, Xiuying District is an ecologically diverse area covered with volcanic rocks and green trees. The people of Xiuying traditionally build their distinctively black houses from the local volcanic rocks. Food grown in their fields is rich in selenium. The unique flavor of the local food comes from the land which it is grown on and in combination with the skill of local people makes these unique ingredients into special delicacies.

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Heishan Mutton

Xiuying District is intentionally using the advantages of its volcanic resources to develop distinctive regional dishes of which 68 have been specially recognized.  Beloved by members of the public and tourists alike, these dishes (including Shishan Rice Noodles, Shishan Free-Range Chicken, Volcanic Tofu, Shishanyong Goat, and Mei’an Beef) have conquered the tongues of food lovers.

A fried dish called Zhazha

If visitors want to try the tastes of Xiuying, they can visit some of the popular restaurants at malls such as Wanda, Yuanda, and Wangfujing or they can go to any one of the district’s many purpose built food markets and snack streets including Meihua Road Food Street, Xunchangli Night Market, and the Shishan Volcanic Food Street. All of these places have their own special delicacies which countless visitors have reported enjoying with great gusto.

Roast Oysters with Salty Cheese


A special Hainan cuisine called Zaopocu



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