Explore Rainforest: Crouch to Enjoy Insects’ Singing

By Lin Jianing / hihainan.info / Updated: 2020-08-26,16:48

Chou Fanmei is photographing insects in Wuzhi Mountain (Photo by Li Tianping)

On August 22, the reporters from Hainan Daily visited Wuzhishan National Nature Reserve to explore the rainforest from a new angle, so that people can get a glimpse of the microcosm of nature life.

Psacothea hilaris. (Photo by Chou Fanmei)

Fulgoridae.(Photo by Chou Fanmei)
Kallima inachus. (Photo by Chou Fanmei)

Celyphus sp.(Photo by Chou Fanmei)

Wuzhi Mountain. (Photo by Li Tianping)

Magnified hundreds of times, these little creatures that we used to ignore are revealing breathtaking details—their vivid color, clear veins, and the shells shimmering with metallic luster.

Chou Fanmei, a micro photographer, regarded insects as a combination of almost all the aesthetic features of living things. While it is through the micro-lens that the complete portraits of those little creatures can be fully revealed.

Although the amount of the rare insects in the rainforest is overwhelming, there are even more insects with weird-looking.

“Not long after I came to Wuzhi Mountain, I photographed a very special cicada in the rainforest. After I posted it to my WeChat, the photo soon attracted the interest of an entomologist,” said Chou.

After several years of research and comparison, entomologists confirmed that the cicada photographed by Chou is a new species of Hemiptera Leucidae. In 2019, it was named as “Aphaena Guérin-Méneville” and was officially documented in the international academic journal Entomotaxonomia.

The experience was extremely exciting for Zhou Fangmei, and he became more and more aware that the Hainan rainforest holds so many possibilities. 



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