How to purchase idle land in Hainan's "Land Supermarket"?

By Marian Rosenberg / HICN / Updated: 18:46,28-February-2023

On February 24, south China's Hainan Province hosted an investment promotion meeting for the online platform “Land Supermarket” in Sanya, with 32 of the city’s key residentially and commercially zoned plots—covering a total area of more than 100 hectares—on offer.

The "Land Supermarket" investment promotion meeting held in Sanya on February 24th. (Photo / Chen Weidong)

According to a representative from the Provincial Planning Exhibition Hall, the "Land Supermarket" allows potential investors and enterprises to conveniently select and view a variety of Hainan's currently available land, inclusive of analyses of surrounding planned facilities and plot comparison.

The supermarket can be reached through the local government's service platform Haiyiban (海易办) App ( or its corresponding miniprogram on either WeChat or Alipay).

“Land Supermarket” page from within WeChat’s Haiyiban (海易办) miniprogram

Although it hasn’t yet been translated into English, major categories such as "Primary Market" and "Hot Plots" are obvious and easy to find on the platform. One need only click to enter and, just as with any other online shopping experience, the detailed product information is available. Intelligent queries can also be performed according to plot code, administrative area, zoned usage, and size.

After making their choices, enterprises can add their interested parcels of land to a shopping cart or leave a message asking for more information. Within 24 hours of doing so, relevant staff will reply. If users mark a plot of land within the shopping cart as something which they have interest in, staff will also take the initiative to contact them and provide services.

“It’s astonishingly convenient! In the past, if you or your company were interested in acquiring land, it required all sorts of running back and forth to multiple government departments all over the city. Now with the 'Land Supermarket', it is possible to learn about all the currently available parcels online,” said Ma Jie, Deputy General Manager of Sanya Huanrun Industry.

In order to improve the efficiency of land resource use, and to optimize the Hainan Free Trade Port’s business environment, the “Land Supermarket” platform was officially launched in June 2022. Since coming online, the supermarket has listed 538 parcels of land (totaling almost 2,000 hectares) and already led to 255 completed transactions (totaling just under 1,000 hectares) with a total transaction price of CNY 27.93 billion (USD 4.02 billion).



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