Check Out these 8 Main Rest Stops on the Hainan Coastal Tourism Highway

By / / Updated: 18:02,19-February-2023

On February 17, an exhibition displaying the planning and design achievements of key rest stops along the Hainan Coastal Tourism Highway was officially opened at the Provincial Planning Exhibition Hall. The exhibition showcases the local charm and natural scenery of Hainan's coastal areas, giving the world a sneak peek at the rest stops, which were designed respectively by eight different internationally renown architects with the coastal scenery and local culture in mind.

The Donggang Migu Rest Stop in Haikou City will play host to a unique ecological wetland "archipelago" pontoon coffee bar, where travelers will be able to experience the beauty of natural art for themselves. The Niuling Mixiang Rest Stop in Lingshui Li Autonomous County, will be constructed hidden among the mountains, rocks, dense forests and valleys, immersing tourists in the unique climate and geology of this area where the sub-tropical and the tropical collide. At the Danzhou Xizhao Dan’er Rest Stop, the building will intermingle with the sky, earth, sea, boats, villages, and rains to form a hazy and dynamic soundscape painting, giving tourists a chance to experience the comfortable and leisurely sunset fishing port life that this area is known for.

"In 2022, the Department of Natural Resources and Planning of Hainan Province designated Donggang Migu in Haikou City, Longlou Lanyue in Wenchang City, Yingge Changwan in Ledong Li Autonomous County, Volcanic Coast and Xizhao Dan'er in Danzhou City, Niuling Mixiang in Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Riyue Chasing the Waves in Wanning City, and Haiwei Shouwang in Changjiang Li Autonomous County as the eight key rest stops along the Hainan Coastal Tourism Highway, inviting eight well-known planning and architectural design masters from home and abroad to hit the drawing board and come up with designs for the rest stops," said an official from the department. The planning and design work of these rest stops has focused on unearthing and utilizing the characteristic cultural and natural resources within the vicinity of each stop to create a unique post station theme. Each stop will be configured according to its central theme, bringing together highlights and businesses that echo its core spirit and cultural connotations and providing sustainably operated immersive experiences and new consumer scenarios.

​After nearly half a year of work, which has included on-site surveying, planning and design, the design of the eight key rest stops has begun to take shape. Four of the rest stops (Ledong Yingge Changwan in Ledong, Volcano Coast and Xizhao Dan'er in Danzhou, and Riyue Chasing the Waves in Wanning) have already broken ground, with the design of the other four undergoing fine-tuning. These rest stops have become benchmark projects in the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and once complete, will be must-see places for those traveling around the island.



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