Clearwater Bay, Lingshui one of China's top 10 travel routes for 2023

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On Jan.16, the General Administration of Sport of China and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism jointly published a list of the “2023 Top Spring Festival Vacation Sports Travel Routes. The popular Clearwater Bay, Lingshui Coastal Sports Travel Routewas one of the routes featured on the list, as well as the only Hainan route included.

Clearwater Bay, Lingshui. [Su Jianqiang/Hainan Daily]

During Spring Festival in Lingshui, there are plenty of ways to relax and enjoy a fun-filled vacation, including maritime entertainment options, local cultural performances, and more, all on the Clearwater Bay Coastal Sports Travel Route.

Day 1: Energy-Filled Vacation Route

Go-Kart Park (Go-karts, car culture museum) - Flying Camp (helicopters, delta wing flyers) - Beach Jogging (singing beach, Happy Post Office, etc.) - Retro cars or tent camping

Day 2: Maritime Entertainment Route

Clearwater Bay Yacht Marina (sailing, yachting, and other sports) - Maritime Entertainment (deep-sea fishing, jet-skiing, banana boating, etc.) - Surf Club

Day 3: Folk Culture Route

Tanka Fishing Rafts (Tanka port tour) - Monkey Island Park - Daidai Island (beach-combing, horseback riding, etc.) - Tanka Floating Guesthouse

The Clearwater Bay, Lingshui Coastal Sports Travel Route, which stretches over a distance of 20,000 meters, brings together the major coastal travel destinations in southern Lingshui.

Windsurfing. [Photo/Chen Weidong]

The route runs through the Clearwater Bay resort area, which is located on the golden coast at 18 degrees N. on the southeastern coast of Hainan Island, covering a total area of 5 square kilometers. The route includes one national 4A level scenic area, the Clearwater Bay Marina which has 780 yacht berths, the Maritime Art Center, the Clearwater Bay Auto Park, a singing beach, and many more exciting destinations. Here, you can go surfing, yachting, sailing, deep-sea fishing, go flying on a helicopter or delta wing, go-karting, and try tons of other entertainments on land, in the sea, and up in the air.

A kid playing in the ocean.[Photo/Chen Weidong]

The Clearwater Bay Route also includes the mysterious 4A level Monkey Island Park, the culture of the Tanka People, and the bustling scenery of the fishing port. You can ride a cable car over the ocean, and see the thousands of boat sails dotting the water and the magnificent sight of the fishing rafts of the floating Tanka village. Daidai Island is one of Hainans 10 Most Romantic Scenic Areas. Here, you can visit the longest, most well preserved, most beautiful beach on Hainans East Coast. Its been called the Prettiest Empty Beach in China.



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