18,000 medics rush to Hainan to aid in fight against pandemic

By Ding Xin / hicn.cn / Updated: 18:29,18-August-2022

"This pandemic knows no geographical bounds; Hainan and us are in this together," said Li Jianjun, a member of an epidemiological survey and investigation team sent to Hainan by Jiangsu Province. Since his arrival in China’s Hainan Province on August 6, Li has taken dozens of team members with him to Lingshui Li Autonomous County to carry out epidemiological survey work, playing an important role in the local pandemic prevention and control.

At present, more than 18,000 medical staff from 20 provinces across the country have come to Hainan to offer their support, carrying out various tasks and contributing their valuable anti-pandemic experience across the island.

At about 20:00 on August 15, Hall 1 of the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center on the west coast of Haikou City, the capital of Hainan, was still brightly lit. The inflated laboratories which were built with assistance from Jiangsu Province continued to carry out nucleic acid testing (NAT) into the night. Wang Ning, the leader of the nucleic acid testing team of the Jiangsu Medical Team, explained that Jiangsu has sent nearly 1,800 medical staff to aid Hainan, with staff involved in all aspects of Hainan's pandemic prevention and control work. "The medics who have come to Hainan this time are people who have participated in pandemic control many times before and have experience in supporting various places."

Since August 8, the Hubei Medical Team has been arriving in Dongfang in batches to help Dongfang build an inflated laboratory to process NAT samples. Pan Yong, general manager of Wuhan Labway said that at around 22:00 on August 11, the laboratory was put into trial operation and officially put into use on August 12. The laboratory has 6 cabins, equipped with gene amplification instruments and nucleic acid extraction instruments, and has an average daily nucleic acid testing capacity of 100,000 tubes. "

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in Hainan, the Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine quickly dispatched 120 medical staff to support Danzhou's fight against the pandemic. Gan Guifang, the assistant to the director of the Laboratory Department of Shanghai Ninth Hospital, is heading up a 12-man nucleic acid testing team from Shanghai, which arrived in Danzhou on August 8 to support testing work at the local hospital.

Earlier this year, Gan Guifang sent her daughter to her parent's house in Suzhou, Jiangsu so that she could focus on her role in combating the pandemic in Shanghai. She had originally planned to bring her daughter back to her side in August, but when the outbreak occurred in Hainan, Gan signed up to help without hesitation. "I just want this pandemic to be overcome as soon as possible and bring my daughter back from my hometown in Jiangsu," said Ms. Gan.

More than 20 medical staff from the Shandong Epidemiological Survey and Supervision Team arrived in Dongfang on the afternoon of August 8 and headed to their posts early the following morning They are mainly responsible for conducting inspections and guidance in key places such as isolation points and hospitals in Dongfang. "Some of us participate in health supervision, while others participate in epidemiological survey work. We hope that our technical guidance and support can help Dongfang in controlling the outbreak as soon as possible," said Yao Yuangeng, leader of the Shandong Team.

Wang Chenxu, a member of the nucleic acid testing team from the Jiangsu Medical Team, has previously assisted Shanghai and other places in fighting the pandemic. This is his first time in Hainan. Although their place of work and accommodation is right next to the beach, due to the high pressure and discipline of work, they have not had much chance to enjoy the sea breeze along the seaside. "I hope the pandemic will end soon, so we can really go and check out the beach before leaving Hainan," said Wang.



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