Stranded expats can now apply to leave Hainan after app update

By / / Updated: 21:41,11-August-2022

On August 10, the Hainan Health Code began allowing stranded travelers to apply for departure. Today, the application system has been updated. Two major functions are provided for non-Chinese travelers and those without Chinese identity cards: 

1. People who have registered for Hainan Health Code by means other than a Chinese ID are able to apply for departure. 

2. People without a Hainan Health code can have others assist them in their application for departure.

Please follow the steps below:

I. Register for and log in to the Hainan Health Code

You can register for and log in to the Hainan Health Code through the WeChat Hainan Health Code applet, the Alipay Hainan Health Code applet, and the Haiyiban app.

II. Use the Hainan Health Code to apply for departure

Click "Departure Application" on the home page of the Hainan Health Code, fill in the information as instructed, and submit your application.

III. Departure application for those without a Hainan Health Code

Those without a Hainan Health Code can have others with a Hainan Health Code assist them in applying for departure.

IV. Other methods or in case of app failure

If the above methods don’t work, or in case of app failure, please contact the local Covid-19 prevention and control department for assistance.
V. Note:

Please read the information and prompts carefully as you apply for departure to keep informed of any policy changes.




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