Notice|Prevention & Control Measures for Tourists in Hainan|How to Turn Health Code Green

By / / Updated: 16:44,07-August-2022

The following epidemic prevention and control measures for people leaving Hainan island are in effect as of 6:00pm on August 6th:

1. Any tourist currently in Hainan who is found to be infected with Covid-19 or who is judged to be either a close contact or secondary contact of an infected person, or who has been in a medium- or high-risk area, must strictly abide with all relevant prevention and control regulations;

2. Any person who is currently in Sanya or who has been in Sanya at any point after July 23rd is temporarily restricted from leaving the island. Nucleic acid sampling and testing will be done according to local epidemic prevention and control requirements, and follow-up arrangements will be determined according to the actual epidemic situation in Sanya;

3. Those persons outside restricted areas but who are currently in cities, counties, or districts which have been affected by the epidemic and who have not been in Sanya on or after July 23rd may leave the island if they have received 3 negative NAT results within the past 72 hours and have completed a travel history risk analysis.

4. Those persons who were not in Sanya on or after July 23rd who are located in cities, counties, or districts which are not currently affected by the epidemic may leave the island if they have received 2 negative NAT results within the past 48 hours and have completed a travel history risk analysis.

*Local residents of Hainan are urged not to leave the island unless strictly necessary.

Haikou's 12345 hotline has set up a special SMS service for yellow-coded people who meet the requirements to have their health code changed back to green. If you have encountered this issue and meet the necessary conditions to have your code changed back to green, please follow the steps below:

1. Call12345: If you meet the necessary conditions for a green code but still have a yellow code, after calling 12345, a recorded message will play in Chinese asking you to press “1” for “health code issues”.

2. Press “1”: When the recorded message says to press “1” for health code issues, press “1”.

3. Receive an SMS from Haikou 12345: After following the recorded instructions and pressing “1”, you should hear a voice message and receive an SMS from Haikou 12345 with the following content (in Chinese): "This is the fast service hotline for yellow-coded individuals who meet the conditions for resumption of a green code. Please send a text message to 17733182709 with the name, ID number, and phone number of the person who needs to have their yellow code turned green and we will respond as quickly as possible." 

4. Send an SMS to 17733182709: Send the full English name (as it appears in the health code), passport number, and Chinese phone number of the yellow-coded person who needs to have their code turned back to green to 17733182709. After hotline staff have received the text message, they will process the request as soon as possible.

*The Haikou 12345 hotline provides 24-hour service for citizens, residents, and visitors alike. In addition to dialing the 12345’s voice hotline, you can also use the "Haikou 12345" WeChat Official Account, Haikou 12345 Hotline or website for further enquiries. 



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