In pics: Butterflies flitting across Hainan's rainforest park

By Chen Shumin, Li Tianping / HICN / Updated: 18:29,26-June-2022

With warm, sunny weather, summer is usually the peak butterfly season in many regions of the earth. In south China's Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park and the surrounding areas, all kinds of butterflies can often be seen flitting through clusters of colorful tropical flowers or alighting on the rocks along the valleys or streams.

About 500 species of butterflies have been discovered in Hainan's tropical rainforest and mountain areas, accounting for approximately 87% of all Hainan Island's butterflies. The diversity of an area's butterflies has a close link with the diversity of its plants, with the large number of butterflies in Hainan showing an excellent and stable ecosystem.

Let's take a look at the colorful butterflies spotted this summer in the Wuzhishan area, which is part of the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park.

Common Maplet (Chersonesia risa). LI TIANPING

Butler Treebrown (Lethe butleri). LI TIANPING

Blue Moon Butterfly (Hypolimnas bolina). LI TIANPING

Contiguous Swift (Polytremis lubricans). LI TIANPING

Lemon Pansy (Junonia lemonias). LI TIANPING

Common Map (Cyrestis thyodamas). LI TIANPING

Common Sailer (Neptis hylas). LI TIANPING

Punchinello (Zemeros flegyas). LI TIANPING

Yellow Gorgon (Meandrusa payeni). LI TIANPING

Common Lineblue (Prosotas nora). LI TIANPING

Gossamer-winged Butterfly (Heliophorus ila). LI TIANPING

A species of Satyrid Butterfly (Satyrinae). LI TIANPING



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