Women's cultural relics on display in Hainan Museum

By Chen Shumin, Wu Shuang / HICN / Updated: 21:32,08-March-2022

From Wang Yaping who became the first Chinese woman astronaut to conduct a spacewalk to China’s women’s national football team who claimed a record-setting ninth AFC Asian Cup, as well as so many ordinary but brave women in all walks of life, China’s women have made great contributions to the development of the country.

International Women’s Day is observed annually on March 8 to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Some items related to women throughout history have been put on display in museums. Let’s take a look at some of the cultural relics that encapsulated femininity in different periods of Chinese history that can be seen in the Hainan Museum.

Photo shows a painted woman pottery figurine dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Women of the Tang are typically represented with plump face and a small cherry mouth, a bouffant hairstyle, and a long dress.

Photo shows a bronze mirror with marine mammals and a grape pattern dating back to the Tang Dynasty. The bronze mirror was one of the important tools of ancient people. One side was polished to show the image of its user, and the other side was often decorated with a wide variety of patterns.

Photo shows a bluish-white glazed porcelain powder box with a chrysanthemum petal pattern dating back to the Southern Song Dynasty. The porcelain powder box was a popular product imported from outside of China during the Southern Song Dynasty.

Photo shows a human-shaped bone hairpin worn by Li women in the Qing Dynasty. Wearing hairpins was a popular fashion among ancient women. The human-shaped bone hairpin, usually made out of an ox rib, features the upper and middle sections of a human face, topped with a hat.

Photo shows a T-shaped bone comb used by Li women in the Qing Dynasty. As one of the favorite hair accessories of the Li women, the T-shaped bone comb was also regarded as a token of affection among the Li people.

Photo shows a blouse worn by the women of the Run branch of the modern Li minority group, with black or deep blue as the usual main color.

Photo shows a barrel skirt worn by the women of the Run branch of the modern Li minority group. It fits tightly around the waist without a belt. The top reaches to just below the belly button, and the skirt hem only goes down to the thigh.

Photo shows a scarf worn by the women of the Run branch of the modern Li minority group. It features double sided embroidery with the same patterns, colors and stitching on both sides.

Photo shows the headdress of the brides of the modern Hui nationality. It is full of gold, silver and copper plated hand-shaped pieces and beautiful hairpin flowers, in the shape of a peacock showing its tail.

Photo shows a famous painting dating back to the Tang Dynasty depicting five noblewomen and a maid enjoying spring blossoms in a garden.

Photos courtesy of the Hainan Museum



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