Sansha Police Department Held "110 Publicity Day" Activity

By / HNNTV/SSTV / Updated: 11:07,13-January-2022

On January 10th, the Sansha Police Department held a national flag-raising ceremony and the "110 Publicity Day" activity on Yongxing Island to celebrate Police Day.

The bright red five-star national flag is rising slowly with the majestic national anthem. All the police are in high spirits, and solemnly salute to the national flag.

At the welcoming of the police flag ceremony, four flag-bearers walked with a steady pace and held the police flag high. Facing the fluttering national flag and the solemn police flag, all the police and the auxiliary police raised their right fist firmly and took a solemn oath.

The passionate oath filled the air, sonorous and powerful, the police expressed their strong belief in putting the people first and serving the construction and development of Sansha.

Li Mingju, police officer of Yongxing Coast Police Station of Hainan Provincial Public Security Department said that as a grassroots police officer in the southernmost police station of China, he is deeply responsible for the glorious mission, and he will devote himself to the people's public security cause with more enthusiasm.

“I will continue to take the People's Police Oath as an inspiration and make my contributions in fighting crimes, serving the people on the island and building a safe Sansha,” said Fu Caiyi, police of Sansha Public Security Bureau.

On January 10th, the Sansha Police Department also carried out the Chinese People's Police Day and "110 Publicity Day" activity on Yongxing Island. police officers interacted with the public,vigorously promoting to the cadres and masses on the island about how to correctly call 110 and how to prevent telecommunication network fraud crimes, fund raising fraud, drug hazards and other preventive knowledge, creating a strong atmosphere of publicity.



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