Coconut Milk Balls

By / HNNTV / Updated: 19:26,09-December-2021

Coconut milk balls have sweet, moist, coconut centers, covered in crispy pumpkin coatings. In tropical Hainan, it’s a popular treat to serve with tea in the afternoon. For people who can’t buy it from restaurants, this is the recipe!

Ingredients you will need:

·Coconut milk 100g

·Sugar (for stuffing) 25g

·Corn starch 13g

·Pumpkin 200g

·Glutinous rice flour 200g

·Sugar (for pumpkin and glutinous rice balls) 20g

·Desiccated coconut


Step 1. Mix the coconut milk, cornstarch, and sugar thoroughly, and heat it over low heat while stirring until it becomes thick. This is the coconut center of the balls. Put it in the refrigerator and freeze it, because the frozen filling is easier to get coated.

Step 2. Slice the pumpkin, steam it in the pot and put it directly into the glutinous rice flour. Grasp it with your hands with 20g sugar, and mix them into a dough.

Step 3. Divide the dough into 25g each and wrap the frozen coconut filling.

Step 4. Put some desiccated coconuts on the coatings.

Step 5. Deep-fry for about 5 minutes.



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