Blooming water lilies in Baogu Village

By Ding Xin / / Updated: 16:31,29-September-2021

Located in the northeastern part of Sanya’s Yazhou District, Baogu Village is about 10 kilometers away from downtown Yazhou. This ancient Li ethnic minority village is northwest of Nanbin State Farm and south of the Dalong Reservoir Nature Preserve. As per the last census, the village’s 13 neighborhoods have a total population of 3,422 people, 3,385 of whom are Li. 

Recently, Baogu has been working to pave a new road to prosperity via the planting of water lilies and water lily related industries. 

New to the area, the water lilies in the village are a type of tropical water lily which grows year-round and is mainly used for spice processing and flower tisanes. Annually, a single water lily plant can produce more than 200 blossoms.

As night falls, the water lily closes its petals and, just like a person, goes to sleep. However, before sunrise lights the pond again, it will open up once again. As a result, they are sometimes called “sleeping beauties”.



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