Picturesque sunset views of Haikou Bay

By Chen Shumin / HICN / Updated: 14:51,15-August-2021

Haikou Bay in the capital city of the Hainan Free Trade Port boasts amazingly picturesque sunsets every year from May to August.

As the hour of sunset approaches in Haikou Bay, the light of the setting sun dyes the sky with vivid swathes of colors and gilds the surrounding buildings and sea, creating stunning tropical seaside city scenery reminiscent of impressionist paintings.

Many of the city's landmark buildings line the 5-kilometer long coast of Haikou Bay - Century Bridge, Evergreen Park, the Wormhole Library, and other iconic local structures.

At the end of last year, a special 19.5 km path with sections for walking, running, and cycling, was set up along the bay, providing access for all to enjoy the spectacular sea view.

An aerial view of a pinkish sunset painting the skies of Haikou Bay

A spectacular sunset over Haikou Bay

Taking a photo of the splendid sunset over Haikou Bay

Enjoying the beautiful sunset at Haikou Bay

A picturesque view of the sunset at Evergreen Park near Haikou Bay

An aerial view of the sunset at Century Bridge near Haikou Bay

Visitors enjoy reading in the Wormhole Library near Haikou Bay at sunset

Photos courtesy of Feng Shuo from Hainan Daily



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