Haikou Health Commission Urges Residents with Yellow Health Code to Urgently Undergo NAT

By / HNNTV / Updated: 16:38,03-August-2021

On August 2, some citizens in Haikou found their health codes changed from green to yellow, which according to the Haikou Health Commission, is an alert for people to undergo nucleic acid testing as soon as possible, as they were found through big data analysis to have been within 250 meters of the movements of the confirmed Haikou case Ms. Hu, and therefore the Provincial Big Data Administration has changed these persons’health codes to yellow.

Staff from the Haikou Health Commission told this HNNTV reporter that citizens might not be aware that they had been within 250 meters of the confirmed case, so they have been given yellow health codes to alert them that they are potential close contacts or minor close contacts. If someone encounters this situation, please do not panic but please go and get a nucleic acid test as soon as possible. Once the nucleic acid test result is negative, the health code will automatically turn back to green.

On August 2, some citizens in Haikou reported problems with the Hainan Health Code including not being able to use it normally. The Provincial Big Data Administration has responded to them one by one. The Administration said that the normal function of Hainan Health Code has been restored as of 10:03 a.m. today.

Q & A

Q: Why is the Hainan Health Code not functioning normally today?

A: At 9 am on August 2, due to the surge in use of the national government mobile tracking data card and the Hainan Health Code, the Hainan Health Code system was overloaded, causing users to be unable to use the Hainan Health Code normally. After an emergency expansion of the system, the Hainan Health Code has been restored to normal function as of 10:03 a.m.

Q: Why are the gold border, silver border, and vaccination information on the Hainan Health Code not being displayed?

A: Due to the surge in use of the Hainan Health Code and excessive query volume of the vaccination interface, displays of the Hainan Health Code gold and silver borders and vaccination status query functions were affected. Currently, these Health Code display functions including gold and silver borders and vaccination information are urgently restored.

Q: Why is the mobile data tracking card not functioning normally?

A:Due to the sudden increase in the volume of inquiries to the national government mobile tracking card service platform, stress on system services has continually increased, and the mobile data tracking card service has been affected. Users can alternatively query via SMS using the following method: Send an SMS message containing ‘CXMYD’ to the operator (China Telecom 10001/China Mobile 10086/China Unicom 10010) for inquiries. Once functionality has been restored to the national government mobile tracking card service platform, it can be used again normally.

Authoritative answers

Q: Can a previous negative nucleic acid test result from before the health code has turned yellow be used as justification for removing the yellow code?

A: No. Once a person’s code has turned yellow, they must complete one nucleic acid test, and if the result is negative, the yellow code will be changed to a green code.

Q: Can persons with a yellow code undergo batch specimen nucleic acid testing? Or must they undergo individual testing?

A: No, persons with a yellow code must undergo individual testing.

Q: Do someone whose health code changes to a yellow code need to be quarantined?

A: No. However, necessary measures have been taken to restrict the activities of persons with yellow codes, and activities such as social gatherings and in-person meetings have been suspended. Persons with a yellow code will not be allowed to enter hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, airports, cinemas, KTVs, bars and other public places; additionally, they will not be given entrance to schools, prisons, nursing homes, welfare homes, and other special facilities.

Q:My nucleic acid test result is negative, but my health code has not been changed back to a green code. How does one change the code?

A: Because the workflows for entering nucleic acid test results and updating health code status generally take 1 day, please be patient. Please contact your district Epidemic Headquarters for help if your health code has not changed back to a green code after one day.

Xiuying District: 68663106

Longhua District: 68954321

Qiongshan District: 65915055

Meilan District: 65332354



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