Hainan Rural Tourism Cultural Festival to be held in Qiongzhong

By Nicki Johnson / hicn.cn / Updated: 18:01,25-May-2021

The 2021 (9th) Hainan Rural Tourism Cultural Festival will be held in Qiongzhong from June 3 - July 2, featuring eight major events.

Baihualing, Qiongzhong

The Hainan Country Classics Folk Song Concert will be held from 19:45-20:30 on June 3 at the Qiongzhong Yunhu Rural Tourism District, and the “Long Time No See” National Topolect Singing Invitational Competition will be broadcast on Douyin, Kuaishou, and other new media platforms.

The Rural Tourism Assistance Rural Revitalization Forum will be held from 14:00-16:30 on June 3 at the Qiongzhong Yunhu Rural Tourism District. At the event, the Hainan Rural Tourism Resort Area Cooperative Construction Agreement signing ceremony will be held, and well-known Chinese expert scholars, entrepreneurs, and rural tourism operators will give speeches and hold dialogs.

Qiongzhong Intangible Cultural Heritage - Li Brocade

The Rural Tourism Culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage Photography Exhibition will be held from June 3 - 5 at the Qiongzhong Sanyuesan Square, offering visitors a chance to see colorful images of last year’s Rural Tourism Cultural Festival as well as Hainan’s Coconut-level rural tourism sites, countryside guesthouses, rural attractions, rural culture, tourism poverty alleviation achievements, and Hainan’s fascinating and unique intangible cultural heritage.

The Plaza Arts Performance and Plaza Dance Exhibition Performance will be held on June 4 at the Qiongzhong Sanyuesan Square, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China through the arts and dance performances.

“China Tourism Day” Cycling Event in Qiongzhong

The Rural Tourism Public Welfare Cycling, Walking, & Driving Tours and Weekend Slow Tour Rural Activity will be held on June 5, 19, 26, and July 3, respectively, in Qiongzhong, Ding’an, Wanning, and Lingao. Each location will hold a Rural Tourism Green Public Welfare Ride & Walk, an Agricultural Produce Fair, and Party history educational instruction.

The Rural Tourism Cultural Survey will last from May through June, inviting the media, photographers, and internet celebrity influencers to promote Hainan rural tourism and the achievements of the campaign to create “Beautiful Villages”.

At the same time, 28 other events, including the Qiongzhong Rural Tourism Promotion, the Hainan (Qiongzhong) Tourism Cuisine and Local Agricultural Produce Exhibition, the Qiongzhong Fei Pu Shan Coffee Brewing Championship, and the Media Rural Cultural Survey Activity will be held at various locations throughout the province.

Zahan Blueberry Base

Xinwei Green Tea

“Most Beautiful Chinese Village” - Zahan Village
Photos via: “奔格内琼中” WeChat Account



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