Sightseeing Guide: Baisha’s most enchanting scenery

By Nicki Johnson / HICN / Updated: 16:57,19-May-2021

Route 1: Wulilu Organic Tea Plantation + Baisha Ecological Tea Town + Luoshuai Village

Wulilu Organic Tea Plantation + Baisha Ecological Tea Town

The bright greens of fresh-sprouted tea leaves form the perfect background for a romantic or artistic photo shoot on the rim of Baisha's ancient meteorite impact crater. Stroll through the tea plantation, and relax your body and soul in this calming natural setting.

The organic, hand-picked, traditionally processed tea leaves at Wulilu Organic Tea Plantation never touch the ground, ensuring that the quality of this local Hainan tea meets world-class standards. As Wulilu Tea's reputation grows, so does interest in visiting the plantation, where you can pick your own fresh tea leaves, learn how to process organic tea, stay in the Wulilu Guesthouse, and immerse yourself fully in the soothing aroma of fresh-brewed tea.

Luoshuai Village

Looking for a tropical paradise in Hainan? Look no further than the foot of Yingge Peak, where the hidden valley of Luoshuai Village awaits you.

This is a Li Minority village situated alongside the Yingge Peak Nature Reserve. Surrounded by towering mountain peaks, this lush area is 97% tropical rainforest. A playful mountain stream runs along the front of the village, and the fresh, clean air will fill your lungs as you shout for the sheer joy of discovering such a perfect retreat from the noise and pollution of the city.

Route 2: Shengdada Lakeside Park + Aluoduogan Shared Farm + Bajiao Village

Shengdada Lakeside Park

"Shengdada" means "Extremely Beautiful" in the local Baisha Li minority language, and Shengdada Lakeside Park lives up to the fancy moniker with sweeping views of the lake, the surrounding mountain peaks, and thick forests covering 83.7% of the area.

Aluoduogan Shared Farm

In the Li language, "Aluoduogan" expresses the concepts of luck and joy. You'll feel joy at your luck in finding this countryside park located in Baisha's Qifang Town as you drink in the serenity of nature and leave the crowds far behind you.

Bajiao Village

Baijiao Village is nestled alongside Bajiao, or Banana Peak. Hike up from the village to the viewing platform located halfway up the slope, where you can stroll along the 5 km. long scenic path and enjoy views of the Li-style village below. Wander amongst the village’s fruit orchards and see the striking contrast between the village's tradition Li dwellings and the modern buildings springing up alongside.

Route 3: Laozhousan Village

With water on three sides and a mountain on the fourth, Baisha's Laozhousan Village is practically an island. Boats are the only way in and out!

Hike up the mountain to enjoy the enchanting sight of the lake below reflecting the blue of the sky above, surrounded by lush green forests and the sandy shore. This excellent view is definitely worth the hike!

(All photos provided by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports in Baisha)



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