Recommended Hainan May Holiday Adventures

By Li Xiang,Li Cong / HICN / Updated: 17:34,02-May-2021

With the Labor Day (May Day) Golden Week having arrived, what is your plan for a fun Hainan adventure? Haven’t made one yet? It’s not too late! Check out a few of our favorites: 

Camping Adventure

A relaxing camping trip helps you get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get in touch with Mother Nature. Lay on the ground beneath the starry sky, enjoy the gentle breezes, listen to the cicadas in the countryside, and watch the fireflies dance. Start packing now! 

Locations: Tufu Bay in Lingshui, Yanoda Rainforest Park in Sanya, Limu Mountain in Qiongzhong, Yaoyue Mountain in Tunchang

(Photo by Xing Lue / Hainan Daily)

(Photo by Xing Lue / Hainan Daily)

Surfing Adventure

Wanning’s Riyue Bay is one of just a handful of surfing locations in the world that boasts both high quality beach breaks as well as reef breaks. The water’s annual average temperature hovers around 26.5 degrees Celcius, making it a great place for surfing all year round. Riyue, or Sun and Moon Bay, is also considered the best spot for surfing in the entire vast country of China and is the preferred hangout location for surfers from around the world.

Locations: Wanning’s Shimei and Nanyan Bays, Sanya’s Houhai Bay and Wuzhizhou Island

(Photo by Yuan Chen / Hainan Daily)

Yachting Adventure

Soft white sand stretches as far as the eye can see beside a crystal-clear blue sea. Sanya's Wuzhizhou Island is perfect for a yacht party that will make you feel like a movie star! Most yachts can carry around 10 people, making this the perfect choice to spend some quality time with your family and friends while sipping champagne and enjoying the sea view. 

(Photo provided by the Haikou National Sailing Base Public Pier)

(Photo provided by the Haikou National Sailing Base Public Pier)

Skydiving Adventure

Still looking for more thrills? Ok, how about jumping out of a plane and experiencing free-fall from a height of 4,000 meters before opening your parachute? Don’t worry, you be completely safe and accompanied by a well-trained instructor. Just relax while enjoying spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the sea before you touch down on the ground. Why settle for a hotel or beach umbrella view when you can see the whole thing in style from a bird’s eye perspective? Bucket list? Check! 

Locations: Dongfang Skydiving Base, Bo’ao Skydiving Base, Danzhou Weilan Skydiving Base

(Photo by Li Yingting / Hainan Daily)



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