Qionghai’s Nanniu waterfall now open to the public!

By Lin Jianing / HICN / Updated: 18:58,09-April-2021

Another amazing destination is now open to public in Qionghai! After over six months of site preparation, Nanniuling Waterfall(琼海南牛瀑布), located in Shibi Town, Qionghai, is now open to the public. All are welcome to visit Qionghai and enjoy this gorgeous waterfall cascading 30 metres down the valley wall.

(Photo by Su Guichu)

At the entrance of Nanniuling Canyon, a red boardwalk runs alongside the gurgling stream, leading you into a shady forest fairyland. Walking along the boardwalk, you’ll pass by all kinds of tropical vegetation and enjoy bird’s eye views of the surrounding rocky mountains without needing to trek deep down into the canyon. 

(Photo by Su Guichu)

Soon you will arrive at your destination, the 5-metre-wide cascade of water, sparkling in the warm morning sunshine like a golden veil rippling in the breeze.

“It’s too bad! The best time to see the waterfall is during the monsoon, but it hasn’t come yet,” said travelers from Ding’an. They said that Nanniuling Waterfall was naturally formed. Now, with the addition of the boardwalk, visiting the waterfall and enjoying the area’s natural surroundings is much more convenient.

(Photo by Su Guichu)

Shibi Town is located on the north bank of the middle reaches of the Wanquan River. The town features not only extraordinarily beautiful natural scenery but also local cuisine that is completely “farm-to-table”.  Come and enjoy!



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