The Secret to Long Life in Nanshan Village

By Nicki Johnson / HICN / Updated: 2021-02-06,23:09

Picturesque Nanshan Village, located 40 kilometers from downtown Sanya in the southeast area of Yazhou District, lies at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, in an area known for the incredible longevity of the local residents. There are more than ten people over the age of 100 in the village, and so if you asked a local what the village produces, he might answer: “Centenarians”.

We asked a village elder we found soaking up the sun at the village entrance what the secret to long life was, and after a moment of deep thought, the reply came back: “Don’t stop breathing!”

Nanshan Village includes seven nature villages and ten village groups, and has 6,000 residents, 99% of whom are of the Li People, the original inhabitants of Hainan Island.

The village covers an administrative region of 40 square kilometers, including 10 square kilometers of sea area and 13.33 square kilometers of arable land. To the south of the village lie Nanshan Temple and  Dongtian Park, and to the east you’ll find Yazhou Bay Sci-Tech City and Nanshan Freight Dock. Whether it’s due to the area’s natural conditions or the support of recent government policies, there is no doubt that Nanshan Village is “blessed by the heavens”.



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