“Hainan Free Trade Port” becomes international public opinion buzzword

By Nickie Jhonson / hiHainan / Updated: 2020-07-06,20:00

Since the publication of the “Hainan Free Trade Port Master Construction Plan” on June 1, (hereafter abbreviated to ‘Master Plan’), Hainan has started a tsunami of international publicity, incorporating multiple formats, multiple mediums, and multiple viewpoints in order to create a positive international public opinion atmosphere for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port. The topic of the “Hainan Free Trade Port” has created enthusiasm in the courts of international public opinion, leading to great anticipation. 
3,505 International News Reports, 515 Million Total Views
This round of Hainan Free Trade Port publicity centers on the “Master Plan”, with the theme of “Telling the story of the world’s largest Free Trade Port” in order to “Interpret the Free Trade Port Policy to the world”. The publicity project coordinated each unit, town, county, and media outlet, making full use of each of their respective advantages, publishing online and offline content, coordinating with the China Media Group, planning for both domestic and international audiences, mixing traditional media with new media, and creating international publicity films, interactive games, vlogs, songs, short videos, and many other varied methods of international promotional materials. 
According to incomplete statistics, by June 30th, 3,505 international news reports had been published about the Free Trade Port, with a total of 515 million total views. These included 1,023 reports on Hainan international media platforms with a total of 16,005,100 views; 1,860 reports on the China Media Group international media platforms with a total of 423 million views, and 439 reports by international media with a total of 25,040,300 views. 
The Hainan Brodcasting Group, Sansha Satellite TV, and the China Media Group jointly produced a Hainan Free Trade Port publicity introduction film, which was published on the China Media Group’s CGTN and Chinese language international channel, promoted on the Xinhua Facebook account, as well as broadcast on a large screen in Times Square, NY by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports of Hainan Province. By June 30, the film had over 80,000,000 hits and views, including  over 1,000,000 hits and views on Xinhua’s New China, and 155000 views on the Tropical Hainan Facebook account, which is mainly geared towards international residents of Hainan. 
Joint Publication of the “Voice of Hainan” 
Establishing an entire platform, the Hainan Free Trade Port international publicity is multilayered, diverse, and multilingual. 
The People’s Daily published information online about the Free Trade Port in eight languages. “China releases master plan for Hainan free trade port” and three other key articles in seven languages on the global news network, which were reprinted by 900 mainstream media outlets in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, accumulating nearly 400 million views. 
Additionally, the Hainan International Media Center overall plan integrates the HBS International Communication and Media Integration Center and Sansha Satellite TV as well as other major Hainan international promotion platform resources, meticulously establishing topics of discussion, creating and publishing cartoons, short videos, interactive games, and other types of content that are sure to be popular with international audiences, and jointly publishing Hainan’s first international independent promotion platform, the “Voice of Hainan”. 
The Hainan International Media Center planned, created, and published the interactive “I want to visit Hainan” program, which invited people from around the world to declare their true feelings about the Hainan Free Trade Port, and this creative new media project resulted in 28 people from all across the planet expressing their love for Hainan, their anticipation for the Hainan Free Trade Port, and their hopes and blessings for the island. As of now, this mixed media presentation has been viewed over 15,000,000 times on international media platforms. Additionally, the Hainan International Media Center’s “Hainan Expats - Waiting for you@Hainan FTP”, “Interviews with Expats on Hainan FTP” and other English language programs have received strong international praise while also increasing the strength of cooperation with international media. China Plus and the Hainan Broadcasting Group jointly made the first attempt at an underwater slow live broadcast, which lasted 1 hour. 
“Let others sing your praises”. TASS, Ta Kung Pao, Wenhui News, Phoenix Satellite TV, Phoenix News Website, and many more international news media organizations have also set up Free Trade Port special reports, regularly publishing news of the Free Trade Port. 
At the same time, independent Hainan accounts and central media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts joined their publishing power together to post on Hainan Free Trade Port related subjects, which became a hot topic. One of these, the @This is Hainan Facebook account continually released Hainan Free Trade Port news, receiving much attention from the international target audience, and has already attracted over 400,000 followers. The Hainan Free Trade Port publicity introduction film received over 1,220,000 views on the Xinhua News Facebook account, New China.
In order to create rich content and cooperation, the Hainan Province Party Committee Free Trade Office, Foreign Affairs Office, Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development, the Propaganda Departments of each of Hainan’s cities and counties, as well as other units’ international promotion resources were all integrated into the Free Trade Port international promotion work system, and published quite a lot of material. The Hainan International Media Center also launched a large number of international publicity channels in 32 countries across the globe, sharing Hainan Free Trade Port news such as “I Want to Visit Hainan” and other short video series on international social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with the total number of views exceeding 6,880,000.
High frequency, hot topics covering the whole world
Telling the story of “The world’s largest Free Trade Port” reveals to the whole world the achievements of the deepening of China’s reform and opening. In the month after the publication of the “Master Plan”, the international promotion of the Free Trade Port obtained excellent results. High frequency, wide coverage, and hot topic promotions enabled the “World’s largest Free Trade Port” to continue attracting the attention of the entire world. 
Through the China Media Group’s international publicity platform and the strong capability of the international mainstream media to reach a wide audience, the international promotion of the Hainan Free Trade Port has achieved broad global coverage. The Xinhua News Agency published 160 Hainan  Free Trade Port related reports in multiple languages, which were rebroadcast by 74130 media organizations across the globe, reaching over 200 countries and greatly increasing the Hainan Free Trade Port’s global influence. 
With these high levels of promotion, the “Hainan Free Trade Port” has become an international public opinion buzzword. surging towards the top of the hot search keyword lists. “China builds the world’s largest Free Trade Port became one of the hot topics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkenIn, and other international mainstream social media platforms, and searches related to the “Hainan Free Trade Port” dramatically increased in number, returning over 1,200,000 related hits. 
In the future, Hainan will continue to focus on the “Master Plan”, interpreting the Free Trade Port policy more deeply and precisely, increasing publication of international reports on the Free Trade Port with early planning, early construction, and early profits, by means of full and accurate example cases increase international reports on international well known companies entering, setting up offices, and investing in Hainan, deepen the Hainan  Free Trade Port understanding and awareness of the international target audience, and increasing the attractiveness of the Hainan Free Trade Port to companies from around the world. 



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