2020 Wenchang National Aviation/Aerospace Forum opens in Haikou
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On November 24, the 2020 Wenchang International Aviation & Aerospace Forum opened in Haikou on the development and cooperation in the aerospace industry under the theme of Accelerate the construction of Chinas Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site (WSLS) and build an international platform for communication and cooperation.


(Song Guoqiang)

According to Shen Xiaoming, Governor of Hainan province, the WSLS has undertaken several major China launch missions. While serving the national dream of increasing space power, Hainan also hopes to accelerate the construction of the WSLS. Hainan will leverage its advantages as a Free Trade Port while promoting space industry clustering and innovation and the development of a local space culture and tourism industry, as well as developing the WSLS as a big data base and an international communication platform. Additionally, Hainan is open to win-win cooperation from both domestic and international parties in order to achieve these objectives.

According to Wu Yanhua, Vice Administrator of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), the Forum is of great significance in promoting the construction of the WSLS. CNSA will further strengthen cooperation with all parties, promote the clustering of space related industries including the research and manufacturing of the high-end product industry, the big data industry, and the space information application industry. CNSA believes that with contributions from all parties, the WSLS will become a model Chinese space industry project.

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