Hainan Stories with Cai Pa: The Five Rivers of Wuzhishan

By / HIMC / Updated: 23:05,27-June-2022

Folk song has existed since time immemorial as a living embodiment of a culture’s customs, emotions and spiritual history. It is a form of oral history that contains traces of our ancestors’ thoughts, ideas and lives. Giving weight to oral history and the significance behind it demonstrates progress in human civilization and is an important contributor to local cultural growth.

In this installment of ‘Hainan Stories’, we travel from Wuzhishan in Hainan’s heartlands to the banks of the Pearl River in Guangdong in search of melodies that have flown the nest and taken wing far and wide. As you will see, the power of inter-generational heritage is still strong despite challenges thrown up by time and geography.

In addition to being real-life father and son, Xie Wenjing and Xie Mingjing are also inter-generational torchbearers for Hainan’s musical heritage. The elder Xie has composed and arranged almost 1000 songs over his life time and the younger Xie is a renowned chorus director. The pair pay homage and give back to their native Hainan through music while experiencing the world and life.

Listen to the traditional Li folk song “The Five Rivers of Wuzhishan” and learn how it evolved from its ancient predecessor “The Ballad of Wuzhishan” into its modern-day choral version “Glimpses of Wuzhishan”, which went on to be performed and win acclaim and awards on the world stage. Watch this installment of ‘Hainan Stories with Cai Pa’ today.



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