Dolphin Beached at Qizi Bay Recovers Following Severe Trauma

By Chen Shumin / HICN / Updated: 15:40,16-May-2022

An Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) beached at Qizi Bay in Changjiang Li Autonomous County in south China’s Hainan Province has mostly recovered from severe trauma following over a month of treatment by local departments, according to the marine life scientific research base on Sea Flower Island in Danzhou.

Staff feeding the injured dolphin in the pool at the base. (Photo provided to Hainan Daily)

The injured dolphin, measuring 2.5 meters long and weighing 190 kilograms, was found on the beach at Qizi Bay on April 7. In a state of shock, with three superficial wounds on its dark-gray body and a lower-than-normal body temperature, it was then rescued and transferred to the base for further treatment.

"When the dolphin came in, it was unable to keep balance in the pool and failed to swim, breathe or eat by itself. A blood test showed that it was suffering from inflammation and dehydration," said Zhang Yudong, Animal Director of the base. The staff at the base conducted professional treatment and provided proper medication to aid the dolphin's recovery.

Staff at the base assisting the dolphin in recovering its swimming capacity. (Photo provided to Hainan Daily)

In addition, the trainer on site assisted the dolphin with swimming in the pool every day, giving it massage therapy as needed. With one week of care and treatment, the dolphin gradually regained its appetite and physical functions. For now, the base will continue to provide drug treatment for the dolphin to treat chronic inflammation.



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