Yahu Terrace Greets Harvest Time

By / HNNTV / Updated: 10:32,24-November-2021

Located in Yahu Village, Maoyang Town, Wuzhishan City, Yahu Terrace is known as the most beautiful terrace in Hainan. Covering a total area of about 73 hectares, it winds in layers along a slope from the mountaintops to the borders of verdant forests, with the highest point at 600 meters and the lowest at 20 meters.

Yahu Terrace was first created by the Li people to grow rice on the slopes of the hills according to local conditions. There is no certain evidence as to when it started but it is said that it could trace back to the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) when the terrace had been built into a certain scale. When utilizing the land resources, the Li people fully consider the natural geographical conditions, building up an ecological environment consisting of forests, terraces, villages and rivers, based on the principle of “forests at the top, terraces at the hillside, and village at the foot of the mountain”.

Recently, it greets the harvest season, creating picturesque scenery of golden waves in the autumn wind. 







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