Ancient buildings hidden in Fucheng show local heritage

By Zhou Chenguang / HICN / Updated: 22:23,11-September-2021

The Fucheng Drum Tower is located on an ancient city wall in Qiongshan District, Haikou, in China’s Hainan Province. It is a civil engineered city tower, and was a symbol of the city serving as both military defense and as a means of flood control for Fucheng in ancient times. The Drum Tower was built in 1372 by Wang You, the commander of Hainan, in the fifth year of the Hongwu era of the Ming Dynasty.

The Drum Tower and the surrounding area, including Qiongtai Fudi and the ancient Qiongshan City Wall, has played witness to the thousand-year history of Qiongzhou, which is an old name for Hainan.

The Drum Tower faces south, and to its north lies Qiongtai Fudi. Fudi is situated on Mount Bao'er, and was the origin of the name “Qiongtai”. WANG CHENGXIAN

"Qiongtai Fudi" is a small hill that rises from the ground of Fucheng. It's one of the three ancient peaks of the city, and is known as Mount Bao'er. During the Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasties, the local military governor’s command post was located on this hill. WANG CHENGXIAN

In ancient times, people called government offices 'Tai,' hence the name 'Qiong Tai'. WANG CHENGXIAN

Zhongjie Road was built more than 600 years ago during the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty. The stone road was formerly known as Zhentaiqian Street,but its name was changed to Zhongjie Road in 1925 to commemorate Hai Rui, whose posthumous title was Zhongjie. In 2002, Zhongjie Road was made into a pedestrian street, and became the busiest commercial street in Fucheng. WANG CHENGXIAN

There is a section of preserved ancient city wall at the junction of Zhongjie Road and Caoya Alley in Fucheng. This ancient, weathered wall has survived more than 300 years, and, since the Tang and Song Dynasties, has served as a historical testament to Fucheng as the seat of Qiongzhou Prefecture. WANG CHENGXIAN

The restoration of the Drum Tower in Haikou has been completed. WANG CHENGXIAN



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