Haikou issues price reminders to the public

By Ding Xin / hicn.cn / Updated: 15:19,03-August-2021

Due to the pandemic, on the morning of August 2, the Haikou Administration for Market Regulation issued price reminders in order to regulate market pricing behavior and stabilize prices of anti-epidemic supplies and daily necessities such as masks, sterilization supplies, thermometers, vegetables, grains, and meat.

The administration pointed out that, first, sellers should strictly abide by laws, regulations, and pricing policies, providing consumers with reasonably priced goods and services, and must not disrupt market order. Sellers should cooperate with government departments to prevent and control the pandemic, ensure supply, stabilize prices in the market, and consciously maintain a stable market order.

2. Products must be sold at marked prices, and sellers should ensure that the price tag is complete, the price content is true and clear, the handwriting of price tags is clear, and product information is prominently displayed.

3. When businesses carry out promotional activities, they must not use false or misleading pricing methods such as fabricated prices and false discounts to lure consumers or other business operators into dealing with them.

4. Sellers must not collude to manipulate market prices and harm the lawful rights and interests of other operators or consumers.

5. It is forbidden to fabricate or disseminate price increase information to drive up prices and disrupt the market order.

6. Except for products for internal company use, the normal storage quantity or storage period for products shall not be exceeded, and it is forbidden to stockpile large amounts of commodities in short supply or products experiencing abnormal price fluctuations.

7. All industry associations must provide active guidance to operators, instructing them to operate legally, jointly maintain market order, and not manipulate market prices.

8. All businesses should strengthen pricing discipline, awareness of legal operation methods, honesty, and trustworthiness, and establish and improve internal price management mechanisms and error-correcting mechanisms.

The public is welcome to report price violations. Please call the complaint hotlines 12315 or 12345 to make your report.



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