Sick giant sea turtle gets new life in Sanya

By Li Xiang,Shen Rongyu / HICN / Updated: 17:51,21-July-2021

A sick giant sea turtle belonging to an endangered species has been given a new lease of life in Hainan by the public and conservation staff.

Photo by Liu Zirong/Hinews

The turtle, 90 cm long and 70 cm wide and weighing 100 kg, was spotted among the mangroves in Yalong Bay in Sanya, on July 15. It was too weak to move. Bystanders informed a Public Security team on patrol, who together with conservation staff took it to the Haichang Conservation Center for treatment.

A sick giant sea turtle is spotted among the mangroves in Sanya’s Yalong Bay, Hainan Province, on July 15. (Photo by Feng Mourui)

The patrol members keep pouring seawater on the sick turtle to prevent dehydration. (Photo by Feng Mourui)

The patrol members and conservation staff prepare to transport the sea turtle to the conservation center for treatment. (Photo by Feng Mourui)

The animal was found to be a green sea turtle, a National Class II protected animal, and diagnosed as suffering from an infection in its cloaca, the excretory orifice, as well as an old wound.

After being treated with medicines and fed nutrient solutions for five days, the giant visitor’s condition has stabilized. It will be kept under treatment and observation till it completely recovers and then be released into the sea.

The conservation staff said the patient is now eating and swimming.

Keeping the turtle company at the conservation center is an injured dolphin that is also receiving treatment there. It was founded stranded in Ledong Li Autonomous County and rescued by the conservation staff and locals on June 16.

A stranded and injured dolphin is rescued and given first aid in Ledong Li Autonomous County on June 16 by the staff from the conservation center and locals. (Photo: WeChat official account of “三亚广播电视台”)

Staff at the conservation center uses floats to help the dolphin maintain balance while swimming. (Photo: WeChat official account of “三亚广播电视台”)

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