Best sight-seeing spots on Boundary Island

By Lin Jianing / HICN / Updated: 2021-03-05,11:31

Gentle spring breezes waft away any lingering chill, bringing peaceful sunshine, brightly blooming flowers, chirping birds, and balmy weather, perfect for a fun Hainan Island outing. Boundary Island is just the place to visit on a day like today!

Located in southeast Lingshui, Boundary Island features breathtaking, unique scenery in different sightseeing spots. Come on out and enjoy!

Crystal Seas

Many people visit Boundary Island merely to experience the hot air balloon rides. Looking up into the sky, they might miss a must-see but niche spectacle right beside the hot air balloons — Jupengyou, which means “get together with friends” in Chinese. 

It’s a wonderful spot where you can enjoy views of the crystal-clear ocean waters stretching across the entire horizon. The beach there is clean and soft, shimmering under the sun, with waves gently lapping the shore and lovingly caressing your toes. 

Why not unwind and sunbathe there? It will refresh both your body and soul.

Coral Sea
Yingxiong Pavilion (which means hero in Chinese) is located beside the Boundary Island stone marker. The pavilion offers a “window-like” view into the dazzling blue underwater ocean world, where you can even catch a glimpse of several turquoise coral reefs!

A “Rainbow” in the sea
Resting on the top of the mountain on Boundary Island, the Huanxi Pavilion (which means happiness in Chinese) boasts a stunning bird's-eye view of the ocean. The sea unfolds before you, with the shallows and the depths all clearly visible. At Huanxi Pavilion, you will be amazed by how the colors differ in each part of the sea, making the sea look like a dreamy blue rainbow.

Refreshing Sea Breezes

Is the hot noonday sun interrupting your daydreams? Head to Yuefeng Pavilion (which means “inviting breezes” in Chinese)! The cool, refreshing breezes there are exactly what you need in the tropical heat of Hainan. 

Set aside a day for this mesmerizing place, order a cup of coffee or a coconut to drink, and lose yourself in the gentle melody of the songs sung by the waves and the beguiling scents of the sea.



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