Don't miss these niche Hainan destinations!

By Wu Ruolin / HICN / Updated: 2021-03-01,17:41

After visiting all the most popular spots, where else can you go in Hainan? Actually, Hainan has a number of niche local destinations that will give you a fresh, more unique experience. Add them to your bucket list right away!

1.“Balahu, Dongfang 

Balahuis another name for the historic Namu River, located in Jiangbian Township, Dongfang City. The Namu River is 10 kilometers long and known locally as "Balahu", which means "mysterious and beautiful valley". The banks of the river are covered with trees and strangely shaped rocks, and the water is cool and clear. Here, youll feel like you have stepped into some otherworldly fairyland!

(Photo by Chen Yuancai)
(Photo by Chen Yuancai)

2.Baicha Village's Boat Houses

Baicha Village is a beautiful nature village located in Dongfang City. Surrounded by mountains, Baicha is also known as "the last traditional, original village of the Li People". The thatched huts in Baicha Village are called boat-shaped housesby the villagers because they resemble overturned boats. There are 81 boat-shaped houses in Baicha Village, which is one of the best preserved nature villages in Hainan Province.

(Photo by “Dongfang xuanchuan”WeChat Official Accounts)

(Photo by Dongfang xuanchuan”WeChat Official Accounts)

3.Sanya's Santorini

Maling Community, less than 3 kilometers away from Tianya Haijiao, is known as "Sanyas Santorini" by many netizens. The houses are painted to blue and white there, and beyond them lies the deep, endless blue of the sea, melting into the bright blue sky dotted with white, drifting clouds. Its as if youve slipped into a dream of a blue and white world. Along the shore lie a variety of B&Bs. You can choose one that you like, and enjoy drifting off to sleep along with the gentle sound of the waves washing up on the sand. Walking in the community, you will feel the slow pace of the local fishermens life. On the walls of the houses, you can also see many artists' freshly painted blue-and-white ocean-themed art, adding a bit of artistic romance to this place.

(Photo by Feng Shuo)
(Photo by Feng Shuo)

4.Sunny Bay Mountain Road

Sunny Bay, on the east side of Yalong Bay, is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea on the fourth. You will travel a 4km long mountain road with both mountain and sea views on the way to Sunny Bay. With your back to the green hills, facing the sea, you can listen to the sound of waves on the rocks and watch the sea spray flying up into the sky.

(Photo by Feng Shuo)
(Photo by Feng Shuo)

5.Serenity Coast Jiqing Plaza

In addition to seeing the natural attractions in Sanya, you can also go to Jiqing Plaza near Serenity Marina to encounter the unique romance of this coastal city. Walking along the sunny footpath, the sound of white French church bells, the vintage double-decker buses, the red telephone booths, and the old post boxes will make you feel that you are somewhere in some strange, alternate version of Europe.

(Photo by Feng Shuo)
(Photo by Feng Shuo)

6.Houhai Village, Sanya

Houhai Village is located near Sanyas Wuzhizhou Island, about 35 kilometers away from downtown Sanya. If you like beaches with a funky, laid-back, surfer vibe, Houhai is the place for you! Houhai Village is surrounded by Haitang & Queen Bay and has a wonderful sea and sunrise view. This area is especially popular with surfers in autumn and winter due to the clean water, beautiful coral, soft sand, and the green hills in the distance.

(Photo by Feng Shuo)

7.Fairy Pond Waterfall, Wanning

The Fairy Pond Waterfall is a natural, undeveloped scenic spot located in Tongtie mountain, Riyue bay, Wanning city. The bottom of the Fairy Pond is covered with smooth, shiny stones, with a small stream burbling over them. This is a great place to get out and enjoy the quiet, ravishing beauty of nature.

(Photo provided to New Hainan app)

8.Phoenix Mountain Lovers Waterfall

Lovers Waterfall located on Wanning's Phoenix (Fenghuang) Mountain, is also a natural beauty hidden in the mountains. Here, there are intact forests, random rocks, a picturesque  waterfall, and cool pools fed by natural springs.

(Photo by Huang Yixiao)

Love Valley, which includes the Phoenix Mountain Lovers Waterfall, is also an area of outstanding natural beauty. From Love Valley, you can see a lush green carpet of forest in the distance, and look up to see the misty mountaintops. There is almost no sun exposure in the summertime in the waterfall area due to the dense tree canopy, so it is a perfect place to cool down and relax in the hot summer weather.

9.Juren Waterfall, Lingao

Juren Waterfall is located in the west of Juren Village, Huangtong Township, Lingao County, 20 kilometers to the east of the county seat. It was called "Guyin Waterfall" in ancient times, and is one of the eight scenic spots in Lingao County. Water cascades down a steep cliff in this highly photogenic waterfall. During the rainy or flood season, the sound of water here is like thunder as torrents of water pour over the drop and pound down on the rocks below, sending sprays of white water shooting several meters into the air. During the dry season, the waterfall turns gentle and quiet, singing a sweet forest lullaby.

(Photo by Han Baoxian)



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