Foodie Alert! The HN International Tourism Food Expo is Open!

By Lin Jianing / Hihainan / Updated: 2020-11-20,17:45

The 2020 Hainan International Tourism Food Expo is underway at the Hainan International Convention And Exhibition Center and will run through the 22nd, offering culinary treats from Hainan, China, and around the world.

This year the total exhibition area covers 35,000 square meters, and the event features a total of more than 1,500 booths exhibiting all kinds of products from various industries including food ingredients, tourism, food, and beverages. Many popular companies and time-honored brands have showed up this year as well, presenting unique delicacies that will definitely please your palate.

Ant chicken, Wild betel leaf dumplings, Qionghai specialty multi-grain rolls... Have you ever tried these dishes?

 Qionghai specialty multi-grain rolls (Photo by Li Hao)

Ningde croaker in clear soup (Photo by Li Hao)

Funing abalone with squid ink (Photo by Li Hao)

Wild betel leaf dumplings are made from wild betel leaves and a special minced pork filling. The fried dumplings are golden and plump. (Photo by Li Hao)

Stir-fried shrimp with tea leaves (Photo by Li Hao)

Ant chicken is made from chickens that were raised on a feed of ants. This dish is cooked with broth made of local herbs, lingzhi mushrooms, ginger paste, Shanlan rice wine, and some warming medicinal herbs to make a medicinal marinade for the chicken. After marinating, the chicken is smoked. This traditional Li dish is tender and slightly sweet, but not greasy. (Photo by Li Hao)

Crispy red wine veal steak (Photo by Li Hao)

 Salt-baked snails (Photo by Li Hao)

Shrimp Fishin pumpkin sauce (Photo by Li Hao)

Crispy Hakka tofu, almond milk cakes, and other specialty desserts (Photo by Li Hao)

Suckling pig with crispy sandworms (Photo by Li Hao)

Mouth watering? Lets visit Hainan International Convention And Exhibition Center this weekend and give them a taste!



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