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Enjoying sunset on the beach and walking in a rainforest, people release their stress by travel and enjoying the beauty of nature. As a place boasts of numerous resorts, Hainan provides people with a wide range of travel choices.

A place with a broad blue sea area

No one doesn’t fall in love with the blue seascape of Hainan. With a roundabout coastline of 1,944 meters, Hainan attracts tourists by its seascape, coconut trees and blue ocean. 

A tourist is enjoying sunny weather on an island of Shimei bay in Wanning in winter. [Photo/ Zhang Mao]

Tourists are playing water sports in Shimei bay in Wanning. [Photo/ Zhang Mao]

Sailboat players are speeding up to go ahead in Xixiu beach sea area of Haikou. [Photo/ Li Tianping]

The Lingshui Boundary Island. [Photo/ Zhang Jie]

A tourist is diving in the sea area of Wuzhizhou island in Sanya. [Photo/ Wu Wei]

A place with natural forests

Green plants flourish in the forests of Hainan. With 62% of forest coverage, Hainan boasts of 8 national level forest parks, 18 provincial level forest parks and 32 state-owned forest farms. It’s a perfect habitat for diverse rare flora and fauna to live in.

Tourists are swinging at the edge of a cliff of Yanuoda rainforest scenic area. [Photo/ Wu Wei] 

The Dongzhai Port National Nature Preserve in Hainan is the biggest mangrove wetland in China. [Photo/ Li Xinghuang]

The flourishing Hainan Yinggeling Nature Preserve is shrouded in mist. [Photo/ Yuan Chen]

People can breathe fresh air and enjoy natural rainforest landscape in Bawangling National Nature Preserve in Hainan. [Photo/ Su Xiaojie]

The Jialongping tropical rainforest in Chengmai is integrated with Nandu River. [Photo/ Li Xinghuang]

A Gibbon in Hainan Bawangling National Nature Preserve. [Photo/ Su Xiaojie]

Four Cervus eldii are enjoying warm sunshine in the Datian National Nature Preserve in Hainan. [Photo/ Su Xiaojie]

A place with conventional culture

Among the hustle and bustle of city life, people expect to live in countryside where there are mountains and rivers, enjoying their leisure time. Tourists are attracted by the harmonious and cozy environment of Hainan, such as Gaolin village in Ding’an and Shamei village in Qionghai. People can live a solitude life here during weekends, painting landscape, walking on the country road and enjoying starry night. 

The Gaolin village in Ding’an county in Hainan, a renowned culture village with a long history, is shrouded in mist. [Photo/ Zhang Jie ]

The picturesque field in Pai’an village of Changjiang Li ethnic group autonomous county. [Photo/ Chen Yuancai]

Haixiu road in Haikou shows a beautiful landscape with the kapok in blossom. [Photo/ Li Yingting]

In Binjiang road of Haikou, flowers in blossom show vibrant color. [Photo/ Li Yingting ]

Yellow trees alongside the streets in Haikou blossom. [Photo/ Li Yingting ]

The trees are in bud in a temple of Haikou. [Photo/ Li Yingting]

The trees are in bud in a temple of Haikou. [Photo/ Li Yingting]



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