This is Hainan: Discovering Mysteries S3E4 - The Rainforest Frog Chorus

By Nicki Johnson / / Updated: 17:30,22-August-2022

Average yearly rainfall is over 2,000 mm, and average yearly humidity is over 90%. A waterfall gushes torrents of water, producing 50,000 oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of air.... This is the environment in Hainan’s tropical rainforest, and also where the Little Torrent Frog likes to put on a show. Today, we will follow along with the Discovering Mysteries film crew and listen to the rainforest frog chorus together.

Little Torrent Frog. 

The Little Torrent Frog leaves no footprints, only its chirp. The frog’s melodious whistle is produced by the two vocal sacs below its throat, which puff rapidly in and out. The red coloration at the edges of its eyes is an identifying feature of this species. The large suction pads at the ends of its toes allow it to completely master this habitat. A spell of rain ruins the Red-Webbed Treefrog’s plans to hide during the day. The frog has astonishing coordination. Its body is reddish brown, making the bright red webbing of its feet really pop.


The Red-Webbed Treefrog. 

In a hole in the trunk of a mango tree, rain has formed a temporary little pond. The Tonkin Mossy Frog couldn’t be happier. She attaches her eggs to the damp inner walls of the tree. The developing embryos are full of life. The offspring of a neighboring frog will soon complete their metamorphosis, and lose their tails, meaning they have become adults at last.


The Tonkin Mossy Frog. 

Below the wheeling sea of stars, these moisture-loving creatures dwell in the water. A branch bends under the weight of a Green Mountain Frog, while a Large-Headed Frog shelters on a rock behind some sedge. A Hainan Torrent Frog is half hidden by another. The rainforest is kind to these amphibians, always providing excellent homes for each and every one.

Producers: Guo Zhimin, Wu Bin, Han Chaoguan

Production Supervisors: Luo Jianli, Chen Jiafen

Executive Supervisors: Ji Jiayuan, Chen Shuhuan, Lin Ying, Yu Weihui

Filmmaker / Director: Li Xiaogang

Writer: Mi Hongxu

Videography: Xu Wei, Liu Sunmou, Mi Hongshu, Zheng Ziyu, Li Xiaogang

Editors: Chen Chaogang, Liu Sunmou

Special Videography: Liu Liyue, Fu Huiquan, Wang Kai, Chen Zefeng

Narrator: Liu Yang

Translator: Nicki Johnson

Graphic Design: Gong Yuming



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