Hainan: Orchid cultivation boosts rural revitalization

By Ding Xin / hicn.cn / Updated: 18:20,03-August-2022

Da’an Town, located in Baisha Li Autonomous County, part of China’s Hainan Province, now has 104 mu (around 6.9 hectares) of land dedicated to two orchid cultivation demonstration bases. An orchid planting economy has started to emerge in Changling and Heshui Villages, where the orchid bases have been set up.

Five years ago, 40 mu (about 2.6 hectares) of orchids were planted in Changling Village, Da'an Town, which kicked off the development of the orchid town. At the beginning of this year, more than 50 mu (about 3.3 hectares) of orchids were under cultivation in Heshui Village, which had 220,000 potted orchid seedlings. At present, the Orchid Cultivation Demonstration Base in Heshui Village has officially begun production, providing 14 full-time jobs with an average monthly salary of RMB 2,500. A total of over 700 people have been employed with flexible working hours, and were paid a total of RMB 90,000, allowing village residents to increase their incomes while working close to home.

Heshui Village Orchid Cultivation Demonstration Base

"My daily work is to take care of the garden, check on how the orchids are growing, and weed," explained Fu Huifen, a resident of Da'an Village, Da'an Town. Now she can work close to home, which makes her life easier.

Cultivating orchids is not easy work, though. In addition to applying fertilizer according to the growth cycle, it is necessary to keep the soil of the flowerpot moist at all times and keep the room temperature within a certain range. At the same time, the flowering period has to be managed to ensure high quality, high yield orchid blossoms, creating jobs in the field of orchid management. Fu Yan, from Bao’er Village, Da'an Town, is a technician at the orchid cultivation base. She believes that learning a craft while young will be of great help to future development.

"Using different fertilizers during the different growth cycles of orchids is conducive to ensuring their quality and improving their yield," said Fu Yan. At present, Da'an Town is mainly cultivating varieties such as Dancing-Doll and Dendrobium Orchids. Fu Yan has mastered the techniques and skills of orchid management.

Dancing-Doll and Dendrobium Orchids

Orchids have long been celebrated by Chinese poets in the country’s literature. Now the prospects and trends of the orchid market are also very promising. With the steady development of the orchid industry in Da'an Town, the industry’s outlook is becoming clearer. Six other orchid cultivation demonstration bases of about 400 mu (about 66.67 hectares) will be set up soon.

 "Our Heshui orchids are mainly sold to Yunnan, Guangdong, and Shanghai, and they are in short supply," said Yang Yihui, who manages a local orchid business. “Now we need to find bright spots, create special features, extend the flower industry chain, and use orchids to empower the countryside for further transformation."

Residents of Da'an Village, Da'an Town, Baisha Li Autonomous County, pack orchids for delivery.




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