Dongfang City: Yulinzhou

By David Janke / HICN / Updated: 21:56,06-August-2022

Located on the southwest waterfront of Dongfang City’s Basuo Town in south China’s Hainan Province, Yulinzhou (which, roughly translated, means ‘Fish Scale Delta’) stands proudly, awaiting its daily flurry of visitors. According to historical records, this imposing promontory and its adjacent beach have been listed as a tourist attraction since 1701, during the reign of the Qing dynasty Kangxi Emperor.

The beach, with its soft, white sands and collection of rock formations worn smooth through millennia of erosion, is lapped by crystalline waves.

The delta is buffeted year round by westerly winds coming in over the Beibu Gulf, making the surrounding sea an ideal place to establish offshore wind farms. Just off the coast, the 18 enormous wind turbines that make up the Hainan Dongfang 1 Offshore Wind Farm jut out from the waves.

The rocky outcrop at Yulinzhou, which stands roughly 30 meters above the beach, is crowned by a lighthouse which has become a landmark, not just for Yulinzhou, but for the whole of Dongfang. It additionally serves as an important navigation marker within the Beibu Gulf. Far removed from the bustling center of Dongfang City and the hubbub of society further north along the coast, the lighthouse stands as as a solitary, silent guardian overlooking the vast gulf below and lighting the way for passing vessels.

(Photos: Hainan Daily)

Admission: Free

Location: Basuo Town, Dongfang City, Hainan Province



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