2nd Hainan Brocade & Embroidery World Culture Week Opens

By Chen Shumin / HICN / Updated: 16:41,28-June-2022

The promotion conference for the 2022 (2nd) Hainan Brocade and Embroidery World Culture Week — which kicked off on the 28th — was held in Haikou in south China Hainan Province on Monday evening.

Intangible cultural heritage items on display at the conference. SU LIANG

Representatives from cultural departments, experts, and academicians in the field of intangible cultural heritage (ICH), as well as heritage representatives from different cities and regions across the country were briefed on the innovations Hainan has made in combining the promotion of intangible cultural heritage with new Internet technologies, fashion, and tourism.

Liu Xianglan, a national heritage representative of the traditional minority brocade craftsmanship of the Li people, told the attendees that Li brocade weaving techniques date back nearly 3,000 years, and that Li Brocade was considered an imperial treasure during the Qin and Han Dynasties.

Liu Xianglan gave an introduction to Li brocade weaving techniques at the conference. SU LIANG

Ms. Liu has established a workshop on Li brocade weaving techniques in Wuzhishan City, which encourages Li women to work at home, helping increase their income and rev up the Li brocade industry.

This year’s World Culture Week features a wide variety of activities including a themed fashion show, the first ICH weaving, embroidery, printing, and dyeing skill exhibition, and a seminar focusing on promoting ICH to boost the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port. The Culture Week aims to create a regional folk handicraft exchange platform and promote Hainan's traditional culture to the world.

The first ICH weaving, embroidery, printing, and dyeing skill exhibition opened in Haikou on June 28th. CHEN WANG