Global Call for Photo Submissions of Hainan's Prettiest Hotspots!

By HICN / HICN / Updated: 15:36,27-June-2022

Calling all shutterbugs!

Share your snaps of Hainan's scenery.

PK is an online community for photography enthusiasts created by Hainan Daily's New Hainan app to publish the best of the best still photos and videos shot by its contracted photo columnists. Since it went online on August 8, 2017, nearly 50 freelance photographers and photography agencies have established a presence on PK. PK's photo columnist team is made up of industry professionals and photography enthusiasts from all walks of life across China.

In order to better demonstrate the achievements of Hainan Free Trade Port construction and fully demonstrate Hainan's characteristics and highlights in terms of natural scenery, cultural customs, economic development and ecological environment, PK and HIMC (Hainan International Media Center) have jointly announced the "Global Photographers' ‘Eyes on Hainan’" campaign, sincerely inviting photographers from all over the world to post their photos of Hainan's beautiful scenery and take netizens at home and abroad on a journey through Hainan, allowing them to experience the unique charm of "South of the Sea".

Submission period: Long-term

Submit by email to

Submission requirements: Both photos and videos can be submitted. Submissions should closely following the theme and reflect Hainan's characteristics and highlights in terms of natural scenery, cultural customs, economic development and ecological environment. Photos must be in JPG format, with a long edge of no less than 2000px. Only minimum fine-tuning of brightness, contrast, and color saturation is permitted. No compositing, adding, or large-scale color changes are allowed. Videos should be in mp4 or mov format with a resolution no lower than 1080p. In the subject line of the email, please write the following "Eyes on Hainan + picture title + contributor's name", and provide your real name and contact number.

Note: Contributors should ensure that the submitted works are authentic and original. If any dispute involving copyright, portrait rights or defamation arises, responsibility shall lie with the provider or the originator.

The copyright of the submitted photo belongs to the photo owner. The event organizer has the right to use selected works for publicity activities, and the originator retains the right of authorship.

You provide the content, we provide the platform: selected works will be published through various channels, including but not limited to our own online outlets (, Hinews app, New Hainan app,; our international communications platform (; our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili, etc.) and our TV media communication partners. Your photography will be seen by more people, gaining more exposure.

Let's take a look at the beauty of Hainan through the lens of our photographers.


Construction site in full swing. (Photo: New Hainan app PK column photographer / Jiang Jurong)

On May 10, the Long March 7 Yao 5 carrier rocket and the Tianzhou 4 cargo spacecraft were launched at the Wenchang Space Launch Site. (Photo: New Hainan app PK column photographer / Jiang Jurong)


Surfers enjoy surfing at Wanning's Riyue Bay. (Photo: New Hainan app PK column photographer / Cai Qindong)

Romantic white waves kiss the shore. (Photo: New Hainan app PK column photographer / THOMAS WU)


A Lingshui Tanka fishing harbor criss-crossing the shallows like a city on water. (Photo: New Hainan app PK column photographer / Yang Haicheng)


Located in the foothills of Wuzhi Mountain, Shuiman Township, with lucid waters and lush mountains carpeted in red leaves and blankets of clouds. (Photo: New Hainan app PK column photographer / Liao Zhonglin)

Intangible Cultural Heritage↓

Li traditional spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidery skills. (Photo: New Hainan app PK column photographer / Xue Zhen)

Hainan isn't just mountains, sea and forests.

There's lots more to explore.

So flick through your collection

and share your snaps with the world.

The next undiscovered Hainan hotspot

might just be viewed through your lens.



Having questions about living or working in Hainan? Leave it below. 

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