Thailand Approves 41 Foreign Enterprises to Invest and Operate in May

By / SSTV / Updated: 11:30,24-June-2022

According to the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, in May,2022, the foreign-funded enterprise audit committee approved 41 foreign-funded enterprises to invest and operate in Thailand, of which 19 applied for business licenses and 22 applied for business license certification, with a total investment of 18.695 billion baht. The audit committee approved 19 foreign-funded enterprises to carry out business in Thailand, most of them from Singapore, Japan and the Cayman Islands, of which the commercial investment exceeding 1.318 billion baht, providing 753 jobs for Thai people, and bringing professional knowledge systems and technology transfersof the countries where the foreign-funded enterprises are located. The investment amount of foreign-funded enterprises that applied for business license certification reached 17.377 billion baht.

Cambodia to Implement Energy Efficiency Policy

Formulated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the draft national energy efficiency policy of Cambodia is expected to be adopted and implemented by the government at the end of this year. The Energy Authority of Cambodia recently disclosed that once the national energy efficiency policy is adopted, all the government and private buildings across the country must implement energy-saving measures to help reduce power consumption, so as to help the government fulfill its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vietnam Central Bank Increases Foreign Exchange Sales to Stabilize Market

The State Bank of Vietnam saidin a statement that it would increase the frequency of foreign exchange sales to be ready to supply foreign currencies to the market and facilitate and support foreign currency needs. In addition, the dollar/Vietnamese dong exchange rate has risen 2% from the beginning of this year, in contrast to the downward trend witnessed last year.



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