Qinghan: The Budding “Heroine” of Hainan’s Stand-up Comedy Scene

By Cai Rong / HIMC / Updated: 21:40,01-June-2022

Editor's Note:

The road to success is long and full of potholes, but youths are made to go full throttle.

Youth is a time for chasing dreams, and it is young people who are the new driving force in the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP). For many of them, Hainan is not just some idyllic backwater; it's a land where dreams are made. Making dreams come true is an arduous trek, and for many young people, Hainan is the place where this journey begins.

Hainan FTP construction commenced in earnest and has thus far made shining progress, much of which can be attributed to "Youth Power". To coincide with the second anniversary of the release of the Master Plan for the Construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, HIMC is launching "Youth Power in the Hainan FTP · Dare to Dream", a series where young people working in various fields in the Hainan FTP are interviewed in English about how the construction of the FTP is helping them realize their dreams and invites them to share the stories of the Hainan youth with the world.

Qinghan is a young generation Z stand-up comedian. Growing up, she enjoyed watching comedies, so when she found out there was a stand-up club in Haikou, she immediately joined and went on to become a full-time stand-up comedian. On the stage, Qinghan's strings of humorous quips often has the audience in sitches. Off the stage, she likes to find inspiration on Haikou’s streets. Qinghan thinks if actors want their performances to reflect real life, they should carefully observe life, and experience it to the full. If they do that, their audiences can more readily relate to their performances. The unique cultural customs of Hainan have provided her much inspiration and material for her comic creation.

Since becoming a stand-up comedian, Qinghan has noticed that performing arts has large audience in Hainan. The development of the Hainan Free Trade Port also brings new developmental opportunities for cultural and art performance. Local comedy markets including crosstalk and stand-up shows in particular show a great deal of developmental potential. Lot of newly established comedy clubs and bands have appeared. 

When talking about her future plans, Qinghan said she will continue to hone her craft and strive to change the situation for female comedians, who for a long time have been relegated to supporting roles on stage. In a word, she wants to be a heroine for female comics throughout China. Click on the video to learn more about Qinghan’s story.



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